How Many Pints Of Ice Cream Did Joe Biden Give Chris Christie For His Endorsement?


As if plucked from a daytime soap opera, Chris Christie, known for his straight talk and perhaps his love of buffets, has tossed a political curveball that’s left pundits in bewilderment. Yes, you heard it right – Christie, once a steadfast Trump ally, is now flirting with the idea of endorsing President Joe Biden in the 2024 race. It’s a move so surprising that it begs the question: How many pints of Biden’s favorite ice cream did it take to sweeten the deal for Christie?

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who previously supported Donald Trump, has recently indicated a possible endorsement of President Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential election. This represents a stark shift from his earlier allegiance to Trump. Christie, who is well known for his straightforward approach, has recently criticized the former president, particularly during his own, now suspended, presidential campaign.

During his short campaign, Christie tried to position himself as a candid voice within the Republican Party. He highlighted the risks he believes Trump poses to the nation and the GOP. However, after a lackluster performance in the New Hampshire primary and facing dwindling chances of securing the nomination, Christie has decided to redirect his efforts toward preventing Trump’s return to the presidency.

According to Christie, the Republican Party’s salvation lies not in supporting Trump but in backing Biden. Christie believes the only way to save the Republican Party is by not settling for Trump. Trump must be defeated decisively, he said. This conviction to ensure Trump does not gain the Oval Office again has led him to consider endorsing Joe Biden. Christie is also urging his fellow Republicans to adopt his stance.

Jonathan Last, the editor of The Bulwark, perceives Christie’s inclination to endorse Biden as an essential move to prevent Trump’s return to the White House. Last had openly voiced his disillusionment with Christie’s decision to support Trump after the 2016 election, especially given his prior regard for Christie as an influential political figure. Last’s long-term observation of Christie’s career only amplified his bewilderment at Christie’s 2016 political pivot, which seemed at odds with the substantial political acumen he believed Christie possessed.

Last suggests that Christie’s logical next step is to appear at the Democratic National Convention and endorse Biden. He added that Christie should state, ‘ I am a Republican, but I am here to say that to preserve our party, we must not vote for Trump. We must unite behind Biden.’

Many believe this election will hinge on small vote margins in key states like Arizona and Georgia. Because of this, Last believes it’s critical to explore every avenue to prevent a return to power by someone threatening constitutional democracy, he added. Whether Christie’s endorsement of Biden will make a difference is unknown.

Christie withdrew his candidacy before the New Hampshire primary, acknowledging his slim chances of success. Following his withdrawal from the primary, he received calls from a few of Nikki Haley’s supporters, including New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu. All of them urging him to endorse Haley. Christie was and is still hesitant to endorse Haley, fearing she might become Trump’s running mate. Additionally, he believes that she is unlikely to win the GOP nomination. A hot mic caught Christie saying Haley was going “to get smoke” in the primaries.

Reflecting on his past support for Trump, Christie told a New Hampshire audience that eight years ago, he had made a political endorsement that he now regrets. He said that he would not “repeat that mistake.” Christie said he would make sure that he never enables Donald Trump to win the presidency again, even at the cost of his own ambition.