Is JD Vance Who Trump Should Have Chosen?

Stieglich /
Trump made his announcement earlier this week. His running mate for his presidential campaign will be JD Vance, a freshman senator from Ohio. This is an interesting pick because he’s not a longtime politician. However, he’s young, he’s hungry, and he’s even a former marine. Was this the right move for Trump to make? Take […]


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Friends and neighbors are remembering firefighter Corey Comperatore—the man tragically shot during an attempt on former President Do ...Read More

Devastation at Trump Rally: Firefighter Corey Comperatore Dies, Nation Mourns

Evan El-Amin /
Well, what do you know? Former President Donald Trump was almost taken out at a rally in Pennsylvania not long after House Democrats ...Read More

Political Sabotage: Dems Strip Trump’s Security in Time for Violence

danielfela /
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been diverting funds intended to help Americans to instead pamper Joe Biden’s nev ...Read More

Broke from Illegal Aliens, FEMA Wants a 725-Percent Emergency Budget Increase

motive56 /
United Flight 1001 was headed from LAX to Longmont, CO on Monday morning when a wheel fell off the plane right after takeoff. This i ...Read More

Wheel Falls Off Another Boeing 757 on Takeoff

Jade ThaiCatwalk /
In a world where beauty pageants have been all about dazzling smiles and perfect physiques, we’ve now crowned a computer-generated M ...Read More

Hijab-Wearing AI Activist Wins ‘Miss AI’ – Seriously?

Ben Von Klemperer /
Top Democrats are saying that Vice President Kamala Harris would be President Joe Biden’s natural successor if he succumbed to growi ...Read More

Controversy Explodes: Kamala Harris Named First Potential DEI President

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J.J. Gouin /
Anyone longing to see California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) step in to replace Joe Biden in this year’s presidential election should ...Read More

California Imposes Statewide Water Budgets as it Turns More into Ancient Rome Every Day

Contributor UniqueEye /
Satellite images confirm that China is leveraging Cuba’s proximity to the southeastern U.S. to intercept sensitive electronic commun ...Read More

China Expands Spy Stations in Cuba 

Drazen Zigic /
Once you notice it, you’ll see it happening all around us, almost everywhere we go. There’s the woman on FaceTime at the next table ...Read More

Is Public Phone Etiquette Dead? You Won’t Believe What People Are Doing

paulaah293 /
For several days at the end of June, there was an avalanche of new Supreme Court decisions that will have a major impact on the dire ...Read More

Supreme Court Takes Away Dems’ Main Strategy on Homelessness

Andrii Zastrozhnov /
You might have seen in the news recently that South Korea has declared a national emergency concerning its abysmally low birth rate. ...Read More

Birth/Fertility Rates Are Diminishing Worldwide

photosince /
During the debate, Biden became the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. He looked like he was trying to solve a Rubik’s C ...Read More

Is Biden Showing Signs of Dementia? White House Aides Speak Out


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Trump’s Chosen JD Vance – Is This a Good Thing?
JD Vance is young, but he’s also extremely diverse. He’s also Trump’s running mate. Did Trump choose the right candidate? Take a qui ...Read More

Former CDC Chief Exposes Hidden Dangers of COVID mRNA

Cryptographer /
During a U.S. Senate hearing, Senator Ron Johnson questioned former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) head Dr. Robert ...Read More

WATCH: Being Grammatically Correct Could Make You Racist

Undrey /
What is this world coming to? Now, your grammar is under attack. Apparently, knowing how to read and write is a handicap, and it cou ...Read More

Outrage Erupts as House Dem Staffer Posts ‘Don’t Miss Next Time’ After Trump Incident

Phil Pasquini /
A staffer for Democratic Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson has been fired after suggesting “shooting lessons” in the wake of an assas ...Read More

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