Trump’s New High-Top Sneakers Sell Out in Minutes After Insane NY Court Ruling

New Africa /
One of the things that annoys the fake news media the most is the way that Donald Trump has continuously driven the news cycle ever since he walked down the golden escalator back in 2015. The man runs circles around the media every time that he tries. Friday’s unjust court ruling against Trump in New […]


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Peter Elvidge /
An elderly British couple in North Northamptonshire purchased a lovely new home in November for £200,000. They received the shock of ...Read More

City Council Informs Elderly Couple It’s Taking Their Home to Give to Migrants

Laboo Studio /
Ever since the October 7th attacks on Israel, Hamas has found themselves back peddling from the return of fire. Afraid to face the m ...Read More

Hamas Spokeswoman Says They Won’t Stop With Palestine

Bryan Regan /
When shots rang out at Joel Osteen’s Megachurch in Houston, TX, “Lakewood Church” on February 11th, it left the community stunned by ...Read More

Mass Shooter at Houston Church Had “Free Palestine” on Rifle

John M. Chase /
America is falling apart faster than most people imagined it could. Ever since Joe Biden was illegitimately installed in the White H ...Read More

Let’s Go Brandon: Squatters Taking Over Record Numbers of Homes in America

Aleksandar Grozdanovski /
In a recent social media post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump urged the U.S. Congress, especially the Senate, to reco ...Read More

Trump Advocates for Strategic Foreign Aid Approach: No More Freebies

Orhan Cam /
In an eye-rolling turn of events, the Senate, undeterred by conservative opposition, has taken a bold step forward with a $95.3 bill ...Read More

Senate Unveils $95 Billion Gift Basket for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan – Border Security Left in the Dust.

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The long-awaited Trump ballot ban case has made it to the Supreme Court, and so far, signs may be pointing to a victory for the GOP ...Read More

SCOTUS Seems Poised to Rule Trump Ballot Ban Unconstitutional 

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The threat of Iran becoming a fully nuclear-capable nation has had the US and other nations consistently concerned for the last 40 y ...Read More

Iran Going Nuclear Yet Again and Still Biden Does Nothing

Monika23 /
Some of us have been warning for years that our open southern border is eventually going to bring a major fatal outbreak to America. ...Read More

Great… Illegal Aliens Bring Fatal Fungus Infection Outbreak to America

Ron Adar /
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has made fear-mongering his life’s mission. Appearing on MSNBC on February 5th, he looked to spread more o ...Read More

Schumer Draws Line in the Sand; Pay Off Ukraine or Put Boots on the Ground

Gary Varvel /
Even during his time as a Senator, Joe Biden has liked making waves with the American people at every turn. He has continued that tr ...Read More

Biden’s Popularity Resets the Bar for Approval Ratings

Igor Link /
Fani Willis’ problems are mounting. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan recently subpoenaed Fulton County DA for allegedly ...Read More

Good News For Trump: Fani Willis’ Troubles Show No Signs of Abating, Next Up Misuse of Funds!


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Democrats Hit Trump With Enormous Fine – Is 2024 Election Fair Game?

Evan El-Amin /
In a startling development, a New York judge has imposed a staggering $350 million fine on former President Donald Trump and the Tru ...Read More

Hunter Gets Million in Lunch Money To Bring Daddy Along

jefftakespics2 /
Hunter Biden has been awash in cash and opportunities thanks to his daddy ever since he was born with a silver coke spoon in his mou ...Read More

Indiana: Where Ballot Fraud Does the Hokey Pokey and Turns the Election Around!

The investigation into possible ballot petition fraud in Indiana has deepened as another county reports an abundance of questionable ...Read More

Florida Introduces Bill To Teach Children the Threats of Communism 

Konstantin Egorychev /
Florida is making the headlines again, this time for trying to pass a bill to instruct young kids about the threats of communism. HB ...Read More

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