Migrant Mayhem: Biden’s FAILED Border Policies Unleash Teen TERROR in NYC

rblfmr / shutterstock.com
rblfmr / shutterstock.com

In a chaotic episode that unfolded in the iconic Times Square on Thursday night, the NYPD and the U.S. Marshals Joint Regional Fugitive Task Force managed to collar a 15-year-old illegal immigrant from Venezuela, Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa. The teen, armed with a “large .45-caliber firearm,” was caught on camera shooting a tourist and firing at a police officer during an attempted robbery. Bravo, Biden administration, for your stellar border security efforts.

The arrest went down at a Yonkers residence at approximately 3:30 p.m. EST on Friday, a feat achieved only after the NYPD dangled a cash reward for information leading to the capture of this ‘armed and dangerous’ juvenile. It’s almost like securing the border would prevent such individuals from wreaking havoc on our streets.

In a tone that could only be described as frustration, NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell revealed that Rivas-Figueroa had been enjoying a taxpayer-funded stay at the Stratford Hotel on West 70th Street since September. A temporary solution, they say, because we just can’t seem to get our border situation under control.

Chell also enlightened the public about the teen’s starring role in two prior incidents, a Midtown shooting and an armed robbery in the Bronx on January 27th. Kudos to the Biden administration for their impressive tracking system, allowing this “armed and dangerous” individual to roam freely for months.

During the Times Square escapade, Rivas-Figueroa allegedly fired two rounds at police officers at around 7 p.m., injuring a Brazilian tourist. It’s as if the Big Apple wasn’t dealing with enough already, right? Who needs secure borders when you can have random acts of violence in one of the busiest places in the world?

The teenager’s crime spree began with a good old-fashioned shoplifting session, accompanied by two other illegal migrants aged 15 and 16. It’s heartening to know that our city streets are doubling as shopping aisles for those we’re generously hosting.

A female security guard, doing her best to keep order in the shopping spree gone wild, faced off against the trio. According to Chief Chell, Rivas-Figueroa didn’t appreciate her efforts, so he decided to pull out his trusty firearm and start shooting. An unarmed customer took one for the team with a minor injury above the knee.

The cherry on top? Video evidence captured the suspects fleeing the store. It’s almost like a reality TV show, brought to you by the Biden administration’s ‘Open Borders’ policy.

As officers on duty attempted to corral the mischievous trio, one was nabbed, but Rivas-Figueroa continued his daring escape. Chief Chell recounted the harrowing pursuit, complete with the suspect firing his weapon at officers – twice. It’s truly a marvel how our law enforcement can do their jobs effectively when our borders resemble Swiss cheese.

Rivas-Figueroa was finally brought to justice on Friday morning, along with his 16-year-old partner in crime. The investigation is ongoing, and while Chief Chell made it clear not to ‘broad brush’ the entire migrant community, one can’t help but wonder if secure borders might have prevented this whole circus.

In the midst of this Times Square spectacle, one can’t help but reflect on the broader issue at hand – the failure of the Biden administration to secure our borders, protect our communities, and ensure that our streets are safe. Senate Democrats have chosen to turn a blind eye to the pressing issues affecting major cities like New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago due to the influx of illegal immigrants facilitated by President Joe Biden. The refusal to include measures to address these challenges has left Republicans, led by Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), frustrated and determined to prioritize border security.

In a recent digital briefing with reporters, Sen. Lankford highlighted the Democrats’ unwavering stance on excluding provisions that tackle problems in cities grappling with the aftermath of the surge in illegal immigration. The 280-page draft bill, a result of negotiations between Sen. Lankford and Democratic senators Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-Az.), squarely focuses on border security without addressing the issues posed by the existing population of illegal immigrants in the country. Perhaps it’s time for a policy overhaul that prioritizes the safety of American citizens over political posturing.