The Negative Effects of Apple Vision Pro Are Already Being Seen

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

Technology is great, right? And yet, as some of the most recent innovations are proving, it’s only corrupting society more.

Case and point comes to us from Apple, who just released their Vision Pro, a sparkly new computing device that goes for $3500 a pop.

If you know much about the fancy new tech, you likely understand that, like your average smartphone, it can connect you to all sorts of things, be that your friends and family, work calendars and forums, as well as video games, movies, and all kinds of other entertainment.

It’s quite cool, to be sure. And easy to see why so many people would be interested in such a device.

However, as people are already learning, it is only the very latest in a long string of technology that is not so slowly turning our very real society into a dystopia but also making people everywhere a little less safe.

Take this guy, who was seen skateboarding across a busy city street wearing his new Apple Vision Pro headset.

Others were seen wearing theirs while driving a vehicle.

Now, to be sure, Apple’s newest tech does let the one wearing it see out of it.

But what is actually there and what is seen by the viewer may not be the same thing. For starters, the screen of the Vision Pro shows all sorts of other things besides just what is going on outside of it, depending on what the user is currently doing with their headset.

A calendar, grocery list, facetime phone call, video game… you name it, could simultaneously be seen by the user, as well as cars rushing by and people walking.

Oh, and there are noises, too, again, depending on what the user is up to.

Needless to say, you can see how easy it would be for someone to become distracted or miss something that could potentially be very dangerous or even life-threatening going on in real life around them.

Of course, Apple has made it clear in the user’s guide that things like running, operating a moving vehicle, or being “intoxicated or otherwise impaired” while wearing the headset should not be done.

But, as we all know, people are going to do what they want anyway. I mean, there are actual laws forbidding texting and driving, with very real and legal consequences. And yet, people are caught doing it every day.


Well, thanks to that laundry list I mentioned earlier of former technological advances, society as a whole has become quite me-centric, to say the least, not to mention impatient. We want what we want for ourselves, and we want it now.

We’ve also grown accustomed to getting just that.

It doesn’t take just a few minutes watching the next generations interact to realize this. Believe me, as a parent of a 16-year-old, I know it all too well.

As much as we try to ensure that our child has good morals,manners, and is enticed by the right kind of things, in this technology-driven world, it’s nearly impossible to shield them from it all. And that includes the roaring mantle of self-entitlement that comes with all this screen time.

The younger generations of today aren’t seen riding their bikes through neighborhoods, making forts in the yard, etc.; instead, they are glued to a screen, learning all they know about society through online interactions.

And yet, we wonder why mental health issues are on the rise.

As I said before, it’s creating a dystopia where some aren’t even aware of what is real and what is not. Others simply don’t care, preferring to be swallowed up by some sort of “other” in addition to whatever is going on in real life.

Take this guy, who, even at a sporting event, needed something extra to entertain him.

What a sad existence… not to mention expensive.