Dem Congressman Calls His Party “Completely Delusional” After Witnessing a Trump Rally

Aaron of L.A. Photography /
Aaron of L.A. Photography /

If you listen to the political left, you’ll hear a rather resounding message that Trump is crooked, evil, and hated by the entire nation. And yet, as one Democrat and presidential candidate just admitted, that’s not even close to the whole story.

Enter Minnesota’s Dean Phillips, a US representative and one of the only men brave enough to take on Joe Biden for his party’s nomination.

In his wisdom, Phillips realized early on that to engage in a battle not only for his own party’s devotion but also the nation’s, he would need to ascertain just how popular his opponents were. It didn’t take him long to understand that Biden’s popularity wanes more and more by the day.

For Donald Trump, a contender he will have to take on should he have the unlikely fortune of beating Biden, the opposite could be said.

But why? I mean, as I said, according to the left and the media establishment, Trump is just plain horrible.

So Phillips decided to attend a Trump rally, you know, to see what all the hype was about.

What he discovered there should have Democrats everywhere shaking in their boots and waking up to a reality that their party is, as Phillips says, “completely delusional.”

Phillips explained his experience recently in an interview with liberal backed CNN.

First, “I saw the line of people waiting in the cold for hours. And I thought, ‘What the heck?’” I can only imagine his thoughts. As I said, the Democrats have been groomed to believe that Trump isn’t well-liked by anyone.

And yet, hundreds of thousands of people were seen waiting in line, in the cold of winter, for hours on end, just for the chance to see and hear Donald Trump in person.

It has to be a bit mind-boggling.

Then there comes the types of people he encountered…

As the political left would have you believe, the only way people would support Trump is if they were as racist, sexist, fascist, and delusional as he is.

And yet, as Phillips admits, all 50 or so people he met while standing in those long lines were “thoughtful, hospitable, friendly.” He also noted that the connecting thread among them seemed to be a frustration “that they feel nobody’s listening to them but Donald Trump.”

Of course, we conservatives already know this.

Since Trump was in office in 2020, no one has really listened to what matters to us: the policies we’d like to see enacted, the ones we don’t care for or need, or the freedoms we have right as much as Trump.

So yeah, it would only make sense that we would support him for president, especially against a man like Joe Biden, who has seemingly done everything he can to destroy our nation.

Phillips also noted that, unlike what his party would like you to believe, these hundreds of people supporting Trump and waiting in line weren’t all white nationalists or anything.

It was “a diverse crowd – people who had never been to a Trump event before.”

Well, that flies the face of leftist claims. It also implies that Trump’s popularity is only growing. These weren’t just long-time Trump advocates. They were just people who had finally found someone who would listen to their needs.

Combine all that, and it was made clear to Phillips that “My party is completely delusional right now.”

Delusional about how popular Trump is, delusional about their chances of winning in 2024, and delusional about what Americans need and want from their government.

Now, to be clear, this same delusion of the political left is one main reason why Phillips is in the picture at all. He’s noticed his party’s hypocrisy, the anti-democratic moves, the rigged primaries, etc., and he’s tired of it.

Phillips, in running for office himself, also has a lot to supposedly gain by exposing these leftist lies. So it would behoove us to take all he says with a grain of salt, as we should every politician.

But he’s also not lying about the mood of the American people. We are tired of being ignored by the current government. And if Donald Trump is the only one to listen, then that’s who we want to lead us—no question about it.