Watch: Tucker Carlson Alerts Trudeau That He’s Coming to Liberate Canada

Asatur Yesayants /
Asatur Yesayants /

Tucker Carlson is slated to speak at a conference in Alberta, Canada, this week. Carlson has been a frequent critic of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the past few years, especially since Trudeau tried to turn into a communist dictator over the COVID lockdowns. The former Fox News host has frequently joked about how easy it would be for the US to conquer Canada since it has a ridiculously small population of very polite people. In advance of his trip there this week, Carlson called ahead and left a pointed message for Trudeau: “We’re coming to liberate Canada.”

Carlson will be giving a speech at the Telus Convention Center in Calgary, AB. He’ll be joined on stage by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. The conference promises to actually be a very big deal in Canada, where civil liberties are being eroded at an alarming rate under Justin Trudeau. For those who don’t know, Alberta is sort of (in a very distant way) like Canada’s version of our Texas. It’s the oil and gas hub of Canada, and the people there tend to lean much more conservative than in the rest of the country.

After Carlson’s speech, he’ll be in a sort of roundtable discussion with local business leaders and Premier Smith. Needless to say, Carlson would be a lightning rod in Canada if he actually lived there. It’s controversial enough that they’re just going to let him speak.

Premier Smith is fairly conservative when compared to Justin Trudeau, but her press secretary is playing her appearance with Tucker very carefully. He said in a prepared statement:

“The premier participates in a variety of public and private events and does interviews with dozens of reporters, broadcasters, and podcasters from across the political spectrum. Obviously, she does not subscribe to every view of every interviewer or reporter she speaks with whether that’s the CBC, the Toronto Star, or Tucker Carlson. The premier aims to share Alberta’s message with as many people as possible whether they’re from Alberta, Canada, or around the world.”

She probably has to say that to avoid being arrested by Trudeau. The Trudeau regime is now actively jailing people for “hate speech” if they say anything negative or humorous about dudes who wear dresses and claim that they’re women. Things got truly dark in Canada during the trucker protests in 2022 as well.

Trudeau was trying to force everyone to take the experimental COVID shots at the time. Those shots (which are not a vaccine) later turned out to be dangerous and highly ineffective. The trucker protests ultimately succeeded in getting the Trudeau regime to back down. But not before Trudeau froze people’s bank accounts and had Canadian police commit acts of violence against peaceful crowds. Trudeau lost all moral authority in that standoff when a Canadian Mountie ran over an elderly Indigenous woman with his horse and badly injured her.

We’re curious to see whether Tucker will stand up for free speech rights by speaking out against transgender insanity or some of the other taboo subjects that can get you arrested in Canada. We’ll see.

In the meantime, Tucker recorded himself leaving a voicemail message for Trudeau and posted it online. Enjoy: