Rand Paul Says Fauci Should “Go to Prison”

Rich Koele / shutterstock.com
Rich Koele / shutterstock.com

If you have heard much from Kentucky Republican and US Senator Rand Paul in the last few years, you probably know that he blames Dr. Anthony Fauci for a lot. He also thinks Fauci, despite his 83 years, should spend significant time in prison.

He said as much again on Sunday during an interview on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC-AM in New York.

According to Paul, it’s not just that Fauci made some pretty egregious errors when advising the president about how to handle the then-unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Paul also blames Fauci for the death of “somewhere between 10 and 20 million” individuals.

As Paul told host John Catsimatidis, “He’s never been held responsible for this. This is probably the worst decision ever made by a public health official in the history of time.”

And then, there is his dishonesty.

“For his dishonesty, frankly, he should go to prison. If you lie to Congress, and you’re dishonest, and you won’t accept responsibility.”

As you may remember, Fauci made a hell of a lot of decisions for the American public during the pandemic.

Paul admits that some of them were essentially misguided mistakes. After all, it’s not that most of us could have done much better when it came to keeping an entire nation safe from an unknown virus. For those “mistakes,” perhaps just being ridiculed and branded as a failure would be enough.

Then again, as Paul correctly states, Fauci also knew more than the average American about the origins of the virus and what it could mean for our health. And then he lied about it.

For example, it’s become a known fact since the pandemic that Fauci knew all too well that the lab in Wuhan, China, was conducting “gain of function” research. He also knew that the virus was manipulated.

But when asked by Congress, Fauci claimed ignorance.

For this, a crime that very well could have cost people their very lives, Paul says Fauci deserves jail.


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