Of Course, This Democrat Alleges Trump Will Try to Overturn Election

Trevor Bexon / shutterstock.com
Trevor Bexon / shutterstock.com

With 2024 officially here and early state primaries just days away, it seems everyone is talking about the likelihood of a 2020 rematch between former President Donald Trump and sitting commander-in-chief Joe Biden.

Naturally, this Trump Derangement Syndrome-affected Democrat thinks the election will turn out exactly the same as it did in 2020, with Biden winning and Trump attempting to “overturn” the election results.

Enter Maryland Democrat and Representative Jamie Raskin.

If his name sounds familiar, it’s likely that you remember him from the second impeachment trial of Trump, which took place in 2020. Raskin was named the “impeachment manager,” or basically the prosecutor, for the case.

Despite not being able to convince the Senate of Trump’s supposed crimes and no conviction by either Congress or any court, Raskin still wholeheartedly claims that Trump committed “insurrection” with his words of “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” following the 2020 election it was said that Joe Biden won.

In fact, he is still such a believer that he is one of the loudest voices at present supporting a ban on Trump’s name from any state 2024 ballot in the country so that such an insurrection or “overturn” of the election doesn’t happen again.

Of course, there are a few problems with his stance on this.

Firstly, as I mentioned before, Trump was never convicted or even charged with insurrection. And the likelihood of that ever happening is slim to none since there is no evidence even suggesting such, despite Biden’s DOJ, the FBI, and others completing full-on investigations into nearly every Trump move made in the last decade.

And so far, that’s caused a problem for those like Raskin who want Trump’s name barred from ballots. In fact, only Colorado’s Supreme Court has agreed to such, even though similar cases have been made in about a dozen other states so far.

Another problem with Raskin’s theory is that Trump will lose in November, making it likely that he will contest the results.

As Raskin told CNN’s Dana Bash recently, there’s no way that Trump can win. He reminded Bash that Biden won (supposedly) by about 7 million votes in 2020. He also claims that polling puts Biden ahead of Trump on nearly every level. (I’m not sure what polls he’s looking at, but Trump is actually ahead in most, albeit by not a lot).

And that leads us to another issue: if Trump loses, “he will feel himself a martyr there, and he will try to overturn the election result again.”

The problem here is that as someone who isn’t the incumbent or sitting president anymore, Trump will have no authority to overturn anything. The only reason he even tried to supposedly do so in 2020 was because he was the sitting president and had the power to contest such results with his administration and Congress behind him.

Of course, things didn’t go the way Trump planned on that count. But it could have happened.

In 2024, only Biden would have the power to overturn anything, not Trump.

But that fact seems to have slipped Raskin’s mind. And so, he’s pushing that Trump’s name be removed from the ballots so that is never an issue. Trump can’t do any damage then.

Now, of course, I’m not saying that Trump couldn’t raise a stink about the election results, especially considering new survey results show that about 20 percent of all mail-in ballot voters engaged in election fraud. But it probably wouldn’t amount to much in the long run, much as it didn’t in 2020.

Nevertheless, Raskin is determined to get Trump banned from even running despite the fact that there’s no way he could ever win.


Talk about Trump Derangement Syndrome. None of this even makes sense. But that’s not stopping Raskin from running to the press for backup and paving the way for insurrection and election inference of his own making.