Trump Makes Big Ramaswamy Prediction

With 2024 officially here and primaries beginning in a number of states, it seems one GOP candidate finally sees the writing on the wall and will be stepping aside soon. Or at least that’s what Donald Trump thinks.

We are talking about Vivek Ramaswamy, the man deemed most “Trump-like” of all the other GOP candidates.

As you likely know, Ramaswamy has done fairly well for himself, especially considering, like Trump, he is an outsider to politics and, before this race, was widely unheard of.

However, he’s not doing as well as a few other Republican candidates.

South Carolina’s former governor, Nikki Haley, polls with about 16.1 percent in Iowa, the first state to caucus recently. Florida’s Ron DeSantis holds second place with around 18.6 percent. And, of course, leading the pack is Donald Trump, who has amassed a whopping 51.3 percent in Iowa.

Ramaswamy has only 5.9 percent, less than half of Haley’s, less than a third of DeSantis’s, and less than a ninth of Trump’s.

Now, as the newcomer and entrepreneur maintains, his race isn’t over. But the signs are there.

And that is precisely why Trump believes Ramaswamy has recently pulled all funding for TV ads.

According to Trump, the idea is that Ramaswamy sees that he’s not likely to win much of anything. And so he is slowly beginning to take steps to bow out gracefully. He also believes that when he does officially leave the race, he will endorse Trump.

“He will, I am sure, endorse me,” Trump said in a Truth Social post recently. Of course, he added that Ramaswamy isn’t quite “done yet” and that he’s “a good man.”

Speculations have even been made that Trump, were he not to choose a woman as his VP, might seriously consider Ramaswamy for the job.

Ramaswamy’s reasoning, for now, is that TV ads just aren’t the most productive use of his time or money, as their results are nearly immeasurable.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens…