MA Has an Answer to Their Self-Imposed Immigration Crisis, Spends $915 Million on Shelters

Brett Godfrey /
Brett Godfrey /

Looking ahead to the massive illegal immigration problem the state of Massachusetts has made for itself, Democratic Governor Maura Healey realizes that her policies are stripping away from the good people of MA. So, in budgetary planning for the new year, she dedicated $915,000,000 in “emergency shelters” for the FY 2025 budget. An under-reported item, the information came per the state’s secretaries of finance and housing as reported by The Boston Herald.

While listed as funding for “emergency shelters,” this money accounts for more than just the shelter itself. It also includes staffing, multiple services sites, reimbursements for their school districts, healthcare, as well as support for the workplace and municipalities. Currently, their shelter funding alone is expected to finish FY 2024 at least $224 million over budget. Funded to only service 7,500 families, their self-imposed status as a sanctuary state has blown that figure apart.

Blamed for much of the recent surge in real estate pricing in MA, the arrival of more illegal immigrants has been music to the ears of property owners. As the government shells out ever-increasing costs for their care, these landlords take full advantage of the situation and roll up their rates on an almost monthly basis. Faced with little options, state authorities are more than happy to shell out taxpayer funds.

Not to be outdone, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been incredibly outspoke in calling for assistance from the federal government for the state. However, she has stopped short of providing any long-term solutions like immigration reform, closing the borders, or even suggesting the enforcement of immigration laws.

Forcing residents of MA to continue giving an ever-increasing sum in the name of “humanity” or “compassion” while Democratic leaders continuously act against their best interests is crazy. The people of MA deserve more from their leaders and better opportunities to thrive in the commonwealth. For residents, this should be a non-negotiable point, but to many, this is the kind of thing they live for as card-carrying Democrats.

The longer elected officials continue to ignore the problem, the worse things will get. Not just for MA, but for the nation.

An invasion of this scale is the kind that topples nations. Being overrun by illegals is not the America that we were promised. Rather it is the exact opposite. This isn’t the kind of change that happened overnight, either. Given the distance many of these illegals have traveled, they did it full well knowing the risks they would face coming here. Hearing the stories of how amazing the US is, they came anyway. Seemingly as if they thought the nation would roll out the red carpet and hand them everything they could want, they have shown up in droves.

Part of the responsibility for this surge also lies with President Biden’s former boss, Barrack Obama. While President, he set the table for illegals to be fully funded should they just make it here. Cell phones, a place to live, medical care, and food are all on the American taxpayer. For these illegals, there has never been any push or rush to arrive here legally.

Hell, for many of the illegals showing up here, the documents they have from their home nations would only confirm they had options for other places to stay. The same can be said for the paperwork they were given by Mexican authorities. So, what do they do? Drop it from their hands as they cross over. Confronted by Border Patrol (if we are lucky), they toss up their hands and proclaim “asylum.”

This one golden word gives them a free pass to stay and remain in the detention centers until processed. Once that’s done, they are moved if they agree to, and if not, they are often set free in the small border towns. With few options, many resort to gang life, prostitution, drugs, and other crimes they know all too well from “home.”

For the people of MA, they are starting to live with the hell that southern border towns have known for decades. They weren’t ready to have their bluff called, and now that it’s time to cash their chips in, they are coming up short. It’s time for some real change.