Nikki Haley Rakes in Major Cash from Democrat Russia Hoaxer

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The striving-for-second-place losers in the Republican presidential primary are mostly embarrassing themselves at this point. Nikki Haley, whose campaign is flailing after she took a drubbing at Wednesday night’s debate that almost no one watched, has now been raking in cash and endorsements from wealthy Democrats. What’s that say about her? Well, nothing good, as you’ll see when you learn which wealthy Democrats are pouring cash into her campaign coffers to try to keep her afloat.

The New York Times revealed this week that Reid Hoffman, the billionaire Democrat election meddler who co-founded LinkedIn, has dumped $250,000 into the SFA Fund Inc super PAC, which supports Nikki Haley.

There are two important things that we want to point out about Reid Hoffman. The first is that he is so fat that he might lose a footrace with Chris Christie for the last piece of pie at the buffet. The second thing to know about him is that Hoffman is a dirty trickster who has meddled in American elections far more than Vladimir Putin has ever dreamed of doing.

Remember when President Donald Trump appointed Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-LA) to be his attorney general early on in 2017? When Sessions’ Senate seat opened up, a conservative hero named Judge Roy Moore ran in the special election to replace Sessions. He should have been a shoo-in for the seat. Republicans everywhere loved Judge Moore, who was known as the “Ten Commandments Judge.”

But then a big scandal erupted. Thousands of Russians set up accounts on Twitter and started following Judge Roy Moore. Those Russian accounts also started spreading rumors that Judge Roy Moore had sexually assaulted underage girls back in the 1960s. Moore ultimately lost the race, and the Democrat Party easily won a US Senate seat in a deeply red state. Because who wants to vote for a rapist, right?

There was just one problem with the whole story. All of the Russian Twitter accounts were fake. Reid Hoffman paid a tech company called American Engagement Technologies (AET)$750,000 to create all the fake “Russian” accounts and spread vicious smears about Judge Roy Moore. AET is operated by a guy named Mikey Dickerson, who Barack Obama had appointed to be the administrator for the United States Digital Service back in 2014.

There were never any Russians who were following Judge Roy Moore, and he certainly never sexually assaulted any teenage girls. Reid Hoffman made the whole thing up and paid generously for it.

In 2018, after it had been discovered that Fusion GPS had paid for the Russian “dossier” for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Reid Hoffman bankrolled the company’s legal defense, to the tune of $620,000. This guy really loves Russia hoaxes, doesn’t he?

More recently, Hoffman paid all the legal fees for E. Jean Carroll, the disturbed woman who falsely claimed that Donald Trump raped her in a department store dressing room back in the 1980s. Her story was so lacking in credibility that a jury of liberal Democrats in New York City ruled that Donald Trump never raped her.

Hoffman is always lurking in the shadows and directly tied to some of the most underhanded political dirty tricks that happen in modern America. And now he has chosen his vessel to try to unseat Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican primary. For her part, we hope that Nikki Haley burns through Hoffman’s cash as quickly as possible and wastes every penny. At least it’s a bundle of cash that Hoffman won’t be able to spend on another Russia hoax next year.