Just Like a Dictatorship: Florida Dems Award Joe Biden All 250 Delegates with No One Allowed to Vote


It looks like congratulations are in order for Joe Biden after winning all 250 of Florida’s delegates for the 2024 Democrat presidential primary. Great job, Joe! Of course, there’s a little bit of controversy surrounding the win. Florida’s primary election wasn’t supposed to happen until next March, and none of the 4.4 million registered Democrats in the State of Florida got to have a say in Joe Biden winning all the delegates.

Cheer up, Florida Democrats! The Florida State Democratic Party voted for you! Wasn’t that nice of them? It’s like when Henry Ford once said that customers could buy any color of an automobile they wanted from him, so long as it was black!

The news came as a bit of a shock to the Democrats who are running against Joe Biden in 2024, including a sitting Member of Congress. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) blasted Florida’s decision to hand all its delegates to Joe Biden like some sort of banana republic dictatorship:

“I’m running for president; there are others running for President as Democrats, and this is the kind of stuff that happens in Tehran, not in Tallahassee. We’ve got to do something about this.”

Sorry, Dean. You must not have received the memo. This is exactly the sort of dictatorship stuff that happens in America in 2023. If you doubt this, please refer to the 2020 election.

Marianne Williamson, who is also running for president against Joe Biden, was not thrilled with losing the Florida primary:

“You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get on the ballot in states across the country, but Florida takes the cake: they won’t even let you try!”

Trump supporters can all sit back and laugh at this. When Democrat voters didn’t speak up after the 2020 election was stolen, did they really think Joe Biden would risk losing power in 2024 by going through a “primary election”?