NY Retailers Now Dealing With Soaring Retail Theft As Well as Tax Theft

TierneyMJ / shutterstock.com
TierneyMJ / shutterstock.com

Retailers in New York are already paying an enormous tax burden. Even in rural areas, the costs of owning a business and the tithing you need to pay to the Princess of NY to be legal is criminal. Add in yearly state vehicle inspections, as well as every organization in the country and city/town having their hands out for a chunk of the “tax,” and the cost of doing business adds up quickly.

Now, business owners are paying a “tax” simply for existing in NY. Retail Council of New York State issued a statement about Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul’s dedication to their right to earn a living. “Retailers throughout the state are extremely disappointed to learn that Governor Hochul vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have established the New York State Organized Retail Crime Task Force. Stores that invest in New York communities lose $4.4 billion to retail theft, and this illegal activity certainly has community safety implications.”

Per the New York Post, Hochul’s office excuses their refusal to fund this 15-man operation that would have covered the state. They claimed that the governor couldn’t see spending $35 million that wasn’t already covered in the budget to combatant $4.4 billion in theft across the state.

Given the way theft has grown with the massive levels of immigration coming to NYC when they could no longer handle them, they wound up spread out across the state. Leaving NYC they remembered to take the lessons on retail theft they picked up while in the halfway houses that Mayor Eric Adams set up. Now organized theft rings are spreading across the state on the taxpayer dime.

Maybe that’s why Hochul claims she can’t afford it; she’s already wasting billions on illegals who produce little to no taxable income.