Hollywood Mogul’s Son Arrested in Gruesome Torso Murder

Georgy Dzyura / shutterstock.com
Georgy Dzyura / shutterstock.com

Have you ever noticed that the only criminals who are actually highly intelligent are the ones in Hollywood movies? The ones in real life are always a bunch of idiots. Take the son of Hollywood mogul Samuel Haskell, Sr. Sam Haskell, Jr., who has just been arrested for dumping a bunch of body parts in trash bins in Los Angeles County, in broad daylight and in full view of multiple security cameras. Another master criminal!

This bizarre and gruesome case started last week on Wednesday when city workers showed up to collect the trash at Sam Jr.’s house in Encino. He had extra trash bags that were heavy and paid the trash collectors extra to pick up the bags, which he explained were full of rocks. The trashmen had their suspicions, though, since the bags were… squishy.

They drove a block away and checked one of the bags and found some unspeakable horror in it. Being good Samaritans and probably illegal aliens, the trashmen drove back to Sam Haskell, Jr.’s house and dumped the bags full of body parts on his driveway. Then they called the cops.

This was all captured on security footage obtained by TMZ. A few minutes later, alleged master criminal Sam Haskell, Jr. was caught on another video camera at a strip mall where he was dumping a large, squishy bag in a dumpster. He then drove off in his Tesla.

Moments later, a hopeful homeless person went dumpster diving to see what sort of wonderful stuff Haskell had left behind. He called the cops after opening the bag and finding a squishy torso, and Haskell was immediately arrested.

Haskell’s wife and both of her parents are missing. Haskell’s father, Sam Sr., was a Hollywood agent representing a long list of A-listers who probably starred in films featuring master criminals. If there’s ever a movie about Sam Jr., he probably won’t be portrayed as a genius.

Here’s a local news report about this bizarre and gruesome story: