Cutting Off Roe v. Wade Translated Into More Men Getting Clipped

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Gabrielle Hays is normally a communities correspondent for the PBS NewsHour out of St. Louis, Missouri, but recently did a piece about the correspondence of vasectomies and the Dobbs hearing. Turns out, that there is a magnificent correlation and causation between the rate of vasectomies and this ruling.

Citing research from the Cleveland Clinic, she uncovered evidence that “essentially shows that nationally, we saw more than a 30 percent increase in requests for vasectomies…And then a more than 20 percent increase in people actually, you know, going through with the procedure.” Only referencing Missouri area providers, Hays found some horrific evidence that the two had become quickly and deeply connected.

“And so providers tell me that, you know, they saw the number of people getting vasectomies rise as much as 100 percent last year. You know, for instance, a perfect example would be Planned Parenthood held a three-day vasectomy clinic and three different cities across the state of Missouri. That was open to 100 people, a 100 people signed up 91 of them, I’m told, actually followed through and got the procedure.”

Dr. Esgar Guarin was a part of this rush and spoke with Hays about the numbers. According to Guarin, they had been doing an average of 40 to 45 vasectomies a month. Once Dobbs went through, though, that all changed. In just the first 48 hours following its passage, they had 20 men sign up, a surge of 100% compared to the month before. A trend that continued for three months after.

With this ruling, many are opting for self-imposed sterilization. With so many Godless women refusing birth control but no longer having the abortion option, many men are opting for the vasectomy. Done to ensure that nothing makes them become fathers; they don’t want the cost, responsibility, or choice to be a father made for them.