Brother-Marryer Ilhan Omar Gets a Tough Primary Rematch for 2024

Phil Pasquini /
Phil Pasquini /

If you needed to point to one person who encapsulates America’s broken legal immigration system perfectly, it would be hard to find a better example than Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). This country took her family in from a refugee camp in Africa. She got to grow up here, become a US citizen, and eventually become a Member of Congress—all in a country that she passionately hates with a fiery sort of vitriol.

After committing a string of provable federal crimes that the Justice Department has never bothered to investigate, Omar narrowly won her reelection bid in 2022 by just two percentage points. Fortunately, the Republican who nearly unseated her is now running against her for a rematch next year.

Ilhan Omar’s family had to flee from Somalia during a coup in 1991. Her father had worked for the communist strongman who ruled the country, Major General Siad Barre, for many years. Her family had to flee Somalia and lived in a refugee camp in Kenya for four years.

They didn’t flee because they were in danger from the military or militia groups. They had to flee because their own neighbors wanted to murder them when Gen. Barre lost power. In other words, the Omar family were the villains in this little tale.

In 1995, the completely stupid-about-immigration United States allowed the Omar family in as refugees.

Fast-forward a few more years, and Ilhan Omar married her own brother to commit immigration fraud. The fact-based evidence that has been uncovered by investigative journalists in Minnesota is so rock-solid that we don’t even have to say she “allegedly” married her brother. She married him, and she did it to commit a federal immigration felony. He ended up in England after the family split up after the refugee camp. In order to secure a US visa and eventually US citizenship for her brother, they got married (because that’s another loophole in our stupid immigration system).

While she was in a fraudulent marriage to her own brother, Ilhan Omar applied for college, applied for student loans as a “married” woman, and even filed her taxes as “married filing jointly” for a tax break. She committed immigration fraud and marriage fraud, and “allegedly” committed student loan fraud and tax fraud.

Ilhan Omar has likely committed more provable crimes than any other sitting Member of Congress, with the possible exception of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ). Yet the Department of Justice never saw fit to investigate these things or charge her with a crime. She belongs to the correct political party, after all.

In 2020, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas obtained undercover footage of Ilhan Omar’s campaign paying cash for unfilled ballots that had been mailed to Somali immigrants. They paid anywhere between $20 and $200 for unfilled ballots, depending on how good a haggler the immigrant was. So, you can add election fraud to the list as well. Once again, the DOJ did nothing with that evidence.

In 2022, Republican challenger Don Samuels lost in the general election to Ilhan Omar by just 2.1 percentage points, or 2,466 votes total. The former Minneapolis City Councilmember is running against Ilhan Omar again next year and believes he has a strong shot at unseating her. Omar has done nothing but enrage the voters in her home district with her anti-white and anti-Jewish speeches. She’s also hitched her wagon to Joe Biden on most issues. Many people are likely to vote against her next year because of the harm that “Bidenomics” has done to their families.

We know we’re going to be seeing some upsets in congressional races next year. Wouldn’t it be great if the ungrateful Ilhan Omar was one of those Members of Congress who gets sent packing?