DeSantis Gets Most Important Endorsement of the Race…

Andrew Cline /
Andrew Cline /

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis might be down in the polls, but he’s not out of the race yet. And now, he’s gotten a substantial endorsement.

Republican Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, made her endorsement of DeSantis public on Monday. And DeSantis wasted little time in accepting her endorsement and thanking her for it in a five-minute clip posted to his X account.

In her endorsement, she noted that while DeSantis is currently not on top in the polls, she believes him to be the better candidate by far.


Well, for starters, Reynolds says DeSantis “won’t get distracted.” Instead, he will “stay disciplined” and put “this country first and not himself.”

She also approved of the way he handled COVID-19 and its pandemic. Unlike most state leaders, DeSantis refused to shut everything down, close schools, and require vaccines. And because of that, his state prospered, both financially and physically.

And since then, Reynolds pointed out that DeSantis has only led his state to further victories, such as limiting abortions, transgenderism in youth, etc.

The problem with Reynolds’s endorsement is that she also thinks DeSantis can actually win. As she said, DeSantis is “someone who, most importantly, can win.”

Now, I’m not exactly saying that he can’t. Anything is possible, right? But he’s down some 30 or more points in Iowa. Hell, even in his home state of Florida, his margin of success isn’t any higher.

Save something drastic happening between now and the 2024 election cycle; I don’t think anyone sees the GOP race going to anyone besides Trump at this point.

But at least DeSantis is getting some rather big-name endorsements now. That has to help somewhere.