Even Bill Maher Has a Problem with Trump Haters

Randy Miramontez / shutterstock.com
Randy Miramontez / shutterstock.com

If you know anything about HBO show host Bill Maher, it’s likely that he’s been a staunch member of the liberal left for decades now. Yet, even he has a problem with Trump haters and the direction his party is going.

He expressed as much during his show “Real Times with Bill Maher” on Friday. During this episode, he was discussing the ongoing Israel/Hamas conflict with CNN host Fareed Zakaria. Naturally, the conversation included the controversies of the issue here in the US. You know, the fact that political lefties from all over the nation, although primarily elite populations have begun decrying the need to side with terrorism and Hamas vs. our longtime ally and the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

For Maher, it’s all been a little shocking.

As he told Zakaria, “I must admit – I don’t think of myself as a naïve person, and I’ve been surprised. It was like a volcano that blew – I mean just that people in the United States that are ‘F*** Israel!’ you know, ‘Any means necessary!’ I don’t know where this comes from.”

He then surmised that much of it is likely due to an age-old tradition of sorts from some populations to hate the Jews. Clearly, that’s been passed down.

But even more clearly, it’s been taught and not just by family members. As Maher pointed out, it’s mostly young people, college students from what most of us would call liberal elite schools, who are saying this stuff. And these just happen to also be Trump haters.

“I mean, young people hated Trump because he wouldn’t condemn the people with the tiki torches. Talking about Jews… You’re the ones with the tiki torches now!”

Maher makes it clear that his party, or at least the more left-leaning facet of it, is no longer the party of tolerance and inclusion.

And that means their claim to power means nothing anymore.