Arrest Over Flags Is the Latest Proof the UK Is Still Censoring People’s Opinion


When the United States of America was founded, one of the cornerstones of our nation was the right to think, say, and do what you feel. If you want to worship a bowl of lukewarm tapioca pudding (not to be confused with our President), have at it. Marry someone 30 years younger than you, if you are both consenting adults, have at it. Don’t like the flag your neighbor is flying, speak up about it.

Not so fast in the United Kingdom.

An unidentified young man made a video of Palestine flags flying from shops and lampposts in his neighborhood of London’s Bethnal Green. While filming, he offered commentary. “This is the kind of shit that’s going on,” and “You let them into the country, and this is the shite they come up with.”

In a second video, the man is seen being arrested. Told to stay away from any protests about Palestine, the officer claimed the statement “let them into the country” as probable cause for arrest. As he is arrested, family members join him in expressing his disbelief in the arrest, especially as the UK condemns Hamas as a terrorist organization that must be dealt with.

London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed the authenticity of the video and even supported the arrest of the young man. “This video shows the arrest of a man on suspicion of a racially aggravated Section 5 public order offense. The arrested man was taken to an east London police station, where he remains at this time.
We take all allegations of hate crime incredibly seriously. Where offenses have taken place, our officers are attending, supporting victims, and making arrests – and we will continue to do so.”

With no evidence of a hate crime or even of being violent, this man has been arrested and had what we in the US would consider to be his rights stripped from him. All in favor of supporting their flood of illegals and political correctness. As pro-Palestine protestors call for Israelis to be exterminated and declare Jihad on the streets of London, the Met has been silent.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is making choices that are increasing the divisiveness of the people in the UK. Rules and guidelines established through the Met spread through other branches of law enforcement. Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox is one of the few who is willing to stand up to Khan. Calling for the office to be removed, he sees it for what it is; nothing more than a figurehead position, and one that is now fully corrupted.

The UK is still ruled by a monarchy, but at this point, the power in their punch has been watered down, with many others taking over, and passing up word that everything is ok. With no true oversight being done, people like Khan are turning legendary services like the Met into his personal police service, much like Hamas is for Palestine.

Being ordered around without representation is what the US broke away from. The quest to practice their religious beliefs and be as they wished drove people to start this great nation. A lesson the UK seems to have long ago forgotten, making people believe as you do is a dangerous message to send your people. It lets them know that you will curry favor for certain voices and silence others.

This isn’t a message of freedom, intelligence, or even common sense. Instead, you are now in a dictatorship. The way the UK is treating its citizens is also akin to the kind of leadership hardline Muslim countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan are instituting. It’s not the way most native Englishmen saw their nation growing up, and it’s not right.

I’d say thank God we aren’t in the UK, but the US is doing this already, except here, it’s the private citizens doing it to one another. At least here, the Constitution tells you that the government won’t step in like that.