It’s Not Your Imagination, Social Media Is Censoring You

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For the better part of the last decade, many Americans have wondered just how much is being censored from social media. While horrific content of people killing, raping, and robbing other people is consistently lauded across the platform as “music,” the conservative voice is being gagged. Choked out by the powers that be, their ivory tower mindset has kept them from being reachable for decades.

Now thanks to the Supreme Court upholding a lower court ruling, they can bring back their censorship. Announced on October 23rd, Justice Samuel Alito penned his dissent from a split ruling.

“This case concerns what two lower courts found to be a coordinated campaign by high-level federal officials to suppress the expression of disfavored views on important public issues.” By allowing the ruling to stand, the left could now resume “either coercing social media companies to engage in such censorship or actively controlling those companies’ decisions about the content posted on their platforms.”

Alito’s dissention was also joined by Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

Such a crucial ruling hands the federal government the right to fully censor what we see. Thanks to the liberal left and their “free spaces” and prevention of “disinformation” we can no longer guarantee the free speech of what we read online. While there has always been a grain of salt taken with much of the information available online, by censoring it, they are preventing people from doing their own research to learn the unadulterated truth about controversial topics.

This doesn’t just change what we’ll see in terms of COVID. Now they’ll resume shaping the narrative around Israel and Hamas, Ukraine and Russia, and especially Republicans versus Democrats. Poisoning the idea of free thought and the free exchange of ideas like this is more than a slippery slope. It’s outright setting us on course for 1984 to move from movie to reality.