Bidenflation Still up 2X Higher Than Fed Target in September

Deemerwha studio /
Deemerwha studio /

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that inflation in September crept up 0.4 percent above prices in August. You probably already knew that, however, since the cost of literally everything needed for daily life shot up again last month. Overall prices for food, gasoline, utilities and everything else that matters went up by 3.7% over this time last year.

The average American family is now paying $7,300 per year more than they were in January of 2021, back when we still had an elected president in office. Under Bidenflation, the average American is actually paying more on the “hidden tax” of inflation than they are in actual taxes to the federal government. For those in the middle class who were actually paying taxes to begin with, it’s especially awful because this has effectively doubled the amount they lose each year.

The federal reserve has been raising interest rates to try to hit a 2% inflation target, but that’s simply not possible with the puppet Joe Biden in office and being handled by Barack Obama and his communist holdover employees in the White House. For example, the Department of Justice has just ordered financial institutions that they must offer a line of credit to every illegal alien that Joe Biden has allowed into the country in the last three years. Gee, what’s that going to do to the money supply?

Everyone should also realize that the 3.7% inflation rate is completely fake. We’re being completely gaslit by the liars in the federal government. The cost of many items in the grocery store has gone up 40% or more since Joe Biden was installed in office. The price of gas is about double what it was when President Trump left office.

So much for that “soft landing” that all the “economists” have been predicting for 2024.