NJ Officials Give 20-Count Rapist a Mulligan

Gorodenkoff / shutterstock.com
Gorodenkoff / shutterstock.com

When someone commits an act of rape, all most victims want is to see justice. However, when Eridson Rodriguez rapes six different women and earns 20+ counts against him, all he gets is time served.

The late 20s suspected NJ resident reached a plea deal with the Mercer County prosecutors that will allow him to walk out with time served. Despite the 20-something separate charges, he was able to just plead guilty to aggravated criminal sexual contact. Originally, the charges stemmed from two women who accused him of getting them drunk and then taking advantage of them when they had blacked out. He got four felony charges for that.

Once the prosecutor publicized the cases, four more women came forward to levy their allegations of sexual assault against him. At this point, a judge ordered he be held at least until the case was concluded. In June of 2021, the charges were finalized against him, and it added up to a 20+ count indictment, with most of them coming from sexual assault or criminal sexual contact.

In February of this year, Rodriguez reached a deal with prosecutors and got time served. He will also be forced to go on the registry for life and will be under the conditions of parole for life thanks to Megan’s Law.

A mother of one of the girls spoke with NJ Advance Media over multiple emails and phone calls under the condition of anonymity. She watched everything unfold and waited until June when she could talk about it. Between his guilty plea and sentencing, one of the victims spotted him at a bar. “It’s not even a slap on the wrist… This has caused a lot of pain, and I still can’t believe how little justice was served for these young women…It makes me feel like we haven’t evolved, that women are not important in the state of New Jersey.”

Rodriguez’s lawyer, Robin Lord said the cops pressed the case too hard. When they asked for anyone else who had allegations against him to come forward, she claimed their allegations simply didn’t hold up. Especially when she claims photos of him, and his victims were taken in his home after the incidents were alleged to have occurred. “He wanted to go to trial, but he also wanted to get out of jail, so he compromised.”

This isn’t a compromise. This is a DA who quit when things got tough and couldn’t push the case correctly. Justice was not served here. Instead this bastard for a free pass simply because he was in a Democrat state. The Garden State has sure rotted away over the years.