Kevin McCarthy Just Had the Shortest Speakership Since 1869

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Well, that was quick! Kevin McCarthy just spent the shortest amount of time as Speaker of the House since Congress’ days in the 1860s—when things were much more interesting and a lot less predictable. McCarthy only made it nine months as Speaker before he was booted for breaking every promise that he had made to the MAGA wing of his own party.

Theodore Pomeroy of New York only lasted one day as Speaker in 1869, but at least he wasn’t kicked out of office in shame. Pomeroy got to serve as Speaker for what was his last day in office anyway.

Kevin McCarthy got the Liz Cheney treatment.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) had been feuding with McCarthy for quite some time. He spearheaded the movement to finally “vacate the chair” and kick McCarthy out on his rear end. It was a clarifying moment on the House floor. Gaetz is a hardcore Trump loyalist. Every Republican who voted to keep McCarthy as Speaker outed themselves on Tuesday as an establishment swamp creature and a secret Trump hater.

The dividing line is very clear. Any Republican in Congress—and there were 210 of them—who voted to save McCarthy’s career is in favor of not defunding Joe Biden’s witch hunt via special prosecutor Jack Smith. A vote in favor of McCarthy was a vote in favor of Joe Biden’s endless money funnel to Ukraine.

A vote for McCarthy was a vote in favor of a sham “impeachment inquiry” into Joe Biden’s $50 million (at least) in bribe money from foreign adversary nations, rather than ever actually impeaching Joe Biden. A vote for McCarthy was a vote for keeping Joe Biden’s open-borders policy.

What has Kevin McCarthy done for MAGA lately? He has wasted the last nine months not accomplishing anything and trying to return permanent Washington to corrupt, grifting machine that it was for three years before Donald Trump came along and upset the apple cart. Speaking of President Trump, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) plans to introduce a resolution nominating him to be McCarthy’s replacement.

The only reason why Kevin McCarthy was able to become Speaker of the House back in January, after a round of 17 votes, was because he made a string of promises to the MAGA wing of his own party. He never would have become Speaker were it not for those promises. No matter how much the RINOs at Fox News whine about it or try to tell you otherwise, Kevin McCarthy broke every single one of those promises.

What does it say about the members of the Republican Party who chose to support him after that? You’re supporting a guy who never keeps his word. Stay classy, Washington!

During the debate to kick McCarthy out, Matt Gaetz was repeatedly accused of trying to plunge the Republican Party into chaos. Gaetz responded, “Chaos is Speaker McCarthy. Chaos is somebody who we cannot trust with their word.”

For anyone worried about a pending government shutdown because the House is rudderless and without a Speaker, that’s an empty thing to worry about. There’s an interim Speaker in place (a McCarthy loyalist, unfortunately).

“But we’re not getting anything done without a Speaker right now!” complain the RINOs.

And? What did you get done in the past nine months? You couldn’t even manage to subpoena Hunter Biden in all that time, let alone pass any single-subject appropriations bills. MAGA voters are unmoved by the hysterics of the Republican establishment politicians by now. We want major reforms in how Washington is run, and we want the swamp drained. Any fake “Republican” who stands in the way of that is going to get the Liz Cheney treatment—just as Kevin McCarthy just did.