Wuhan Institute Warns of a Second Coronavirus Outbreak 

ffikretow / shutterstock.com
ffikretow / shutterstock.com

The Wuhan Institute of Virology has issued a warning that another coronavirus is headed down the pike. From the makers of the original COVID-19 virus comes COVID 2.0, just in time to keep Biden in the basement again ahead of the 2024 elections. 

In July, a research study conducted by scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) captured significant attention on Chinese social media platforms. This study, which was published in Emerging Microbes & Infections, suggests the potential for up to twenty distinct species of coronaviruses to trigger outbreaks in humans.  

Although the research was initially released a few months ago, it recently gained prominence as users found it and shared its findings across various online platforms. This latest revelation has once again stoked concerns over coronavirus outbreaks. 

Wuhan scientists studied forty species of coronaviruses, singling out twenty of them as “high-risk” for potential outbreaks. Among these twenty, eleven appear to have no potential to make the leap to human infections, six have already demonstrated the capacity to infect humans, and three haven’t made the leap to human infections. Yet. 

Rest assured, Wuhan will make certain that this leap happens with the help of U.S. funding, and the mutated virus will be mishandled and released on a COVID-weary world. 

The Wuhan study made a stark declaration, asserting that future disease outbreaks are almost inevitable, with a high likelihood of another coronavirus disease emerging. Consequently, the study emphasized the critical need for early preparation and vigilance concerning animal coronaviruses, given the historical origins of diseases like MERS, SARS, and COVID-19. 

MERS, short for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, first surfaced in Saudi Arabia in 2012. SARS, which stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, was responsible for a deadly outbreak that originated in China in 2002. Of course, “COVID-19,” is the virus responsible for brain-damaging liberals across the nation for more than two years while ensuring that big pharma and certain NIH directors became unbelievably wealthy. 

Shi Zhengli, renowned in Chinese media as the “batwoman” for her extensive expertise in bat coronavirus research, was one of the notable authors behind the study. She holds the position of director of infectious disease research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), situated in the same city where the novel coronavirus emerged in late 2019, capturing global attention. 

In early 2020, Shi temporarily retreated from the public spotlight but later reappeared to staunchly defend the Chinese government and the WIV against allegations of a laboratory accident being the cause of the novel coronavirus’s release and the ensuing pandemic.  

Now, she’s back for round two and warning that another coronavirus outbreak is poised to be leaked from the lab. 

“It is almost certain that there will be future disease emergence, and it is highly likely a coronavirus disease again,” Shi’s study found. 

After all, why mess with a winning strategy? 

In January 2020, George Gao, then-director of the Chinese CDC, pointed fingers at a local “wet market” in Wuhan, alleging that the initial virus outbreak stemmed from the sale of illicit meats. This narrative, however, was later abandoned by the Chinese government. 

The Chinese Foreign Ministry then suggested that the virus had its roots in a U.S. Army facility in Maryland and that the American government concealed it by misdiagnosing affected patients with e-cigarette or vaping injuries. It was a puzzling leap of logic since vaping injuries are not contagious, and there were no infections of healthcare workers or others during the treatment of these “vaping-related injuries.” 

The United States, however, uncovered a slightly different version of events. In 2021, the U.S. State Department unveiled a fact sheet that suggested that American intelligence had “reason to believe” that several scientists within the institute fell ill in the autumn of 2019, displaying symptoms consistent with both COVID-19 and common seasonal illnesses. 

Coincidentally, this new study’s release into a heavily censored Chinese social media landscape follows renewed calls by the government for citizens to jab themselves with Chinese-made coronavirus and influenza vaccines.  

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the story is making its way to the United States as the Biden administration is renewing its calls for citizens to jab themselves with American-made coronavirus and influenza vaccines. 

Americans: stand by with masks in hand for the thrilling sequel the Biden administration has been waiting for. The Wuhan Institute of Virology has declared another “viral hit” at the box office, and it’s a guaranteed showstopper certain to add another thrilling chapter to America’s decline.  

It’s totally unstoppable, unbelievably dangerous, and as predictable as the plot of a B-grade horror film.