Trump Announces He’s Buying a Glock During Gun Shop Visit

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As a Republican presidential candidate, everyone expects Donald Trump to support the Second Amendment. But did he just take things a bit too far by saying he’s going to buy a Glock?

It happened on Monday during a leg of his campaign trail in South Carolina. He stopped at Palmetto State Armory, where he naturally looked at a number of firearms and weaponry.

One gun in particular caught his eye, though. It was, of course, a “Trump edition” Glock. The “Trump 45,” as it is called. It has an image of Trump, and the number 45 (which also refers to the caliber of the weapon) emblazoned on the gun’s slide.

To be sure, it’s a neat firearm – one that would be a great addition to any patriot’s collection.

Naturally, Trump asked the gun store worker if that particular gun and model was very popular. “They sell well?”

And upon hearing that they did, it, of course, boosted Trump’s ego a bit. “They like me.”

Then he added, “I’m gonna buy one. I want to buy one. Isn’t Glock a great gun.”

Now, there’s nothing at all wrong with this conversation, especially after knowing that Trump didn’t actually purchase the weapon that day.

However, there was a problem.

It came when Trump representative Steven Cheung posted a video of Trump at the gun shop and commented, “President Trump purchases a @GLOCKInc in South Carolina.”

You see, as a person under investigation and felony indictment charges, Trump is not legally allowed to buy firearms, according to federal law. It also bars any such individual from receiving a gun “which has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce,” per ABC.

Now, seeing as Trump didn’t actually purchase the weapon, he’s in the clear. However, the post by Cheung, which has now been deleted, didn’t do him or his campaign any favors.

Then again, I have a feeling Americans will love him all the more for wanting to buy a gun and not being afraid to talk about it in public.