Biden’s Vietnam Press Conference Gets Shut Down Mid-Word

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How many times are we going to let Biden embarrass the United States? It’s getting to become a daily routine – and during his recent Vietnam press conference, staff had to pull the plug on his speech in the middle of his answer.

Biden let the insults fly as he referred to the entire southern hemisphere as the “Third World.”

Then, he even told the press that he was being told what to say. Gee, that’s exactly what the US wants to hear of their president – he’s a puppet.

The official White House broadcast of the press conference even shows just how much Biden is struggling. There are uncomfortable pauses between each word. Then, he admits “I’ll tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna go to bed.”

Wait, what?

We’ve heard countless stories about how Biden has left meetings early because he’s tired and needs his rest. However, he has a job to do. It doesn’t matter that he’s 80. There’s no special compensation for that. He took the job knowing what was going to be demanded of him. If he’s not spry enough to get the job done, he needs to step down.

At this point, though, regardless of political affiliation, everyone needs to be thinking of the 25th amendment. Biden is not mentally or physically capable of taking on the job.

If he has to leave a press conference because he has to go to bed, that says it all.

Though, identifying a reporter as a “dog-faced pony soldier” may also indicate that he’s senile.

Soon after he told the press that he was going to go to bed, the staffers cut him off. The press conference ended, and that was that.

We cannot allow Biden to be our president any longer.

Even if we were to ignore his age and his obvious mental decline, we have to listen to what he’s saying about the biggest threats. According to him, “The only existential threat humanity faces – even more frightening than a nuclear war – is global warming.”

Yeah, I don’t think so. If the temperature is going to rise a degree and a half in the next 20 years, fine. I’m a bit more concerned with nuclear war – and if our president is incapable of seeing that, we need someone who can.