China Suddenly Goes Pro-Gay

Paul Stringer /
Paul Stringer /

In a shocking ruling from the five judges on Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal, the government is now being ordered to develop same-sex marriage guidelines. While not the first case brought to trial, this is a big change for the nation since decriminalizing homosexuality in 1991. Activists have been vocal about their denial of same-sex unions as an egregious violation of the city’s constitution.

Technically a part of China, they are subject to a “One country, Two systems” set of rules, and this can potentially pave the way for mainland China to adjust the policies and the way of treatment for people in the Chinese Communist Party.

While a shocking revelation, it’s not the same ruling activists asked for.

The judges claimed that the mini-constitution was written based upon the assumption of and in reference “to heterosexual marriage.” Instead, they proposed a unique framework that would legally recognize same-sex marriage. With this, they believe they will be able “to provide them with a sense of legitimacy, dispelling any sense that they belong to an inferior class of persons whose relationship is undeserving of recognition.”

Despite their communist belief system, much of China and Asia as a whole holds traditionally conservative beliefs on homosexuality and marriage. With only Taiwan (another ONEChina contested country) and Nepal recognizing same-sex unions, there is a potential for this case to change the way things are done across the continent.

Many are cautiously optimistic about the change, especially as they know it does not guarantee people the same rights and eligibilities as heterosexual couples, nor is it immediate. The importance of this to the group cannot be understated, though, as activist Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit originally brought this suit to the courts in 2019. In his early 30s, he has been organizing protests for these changes for years and being jailed for challenging their leadership.

After years of propaganda from the CCP of the nation being under complete control and being a perfect and strong nation, it turns out they are simply weak and have watered down their gene pool far too much thanks to their horrible breeding practices.