Newsmax Says POTUS Will Never Recover from This

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

You can come back from just about anything these days. Hell, President Joe Biden was accused of rape, and yet he’s still sitting in the Oval Office. But according to one Newsmax host, that time is drawing to a close, at least for Biden.

On his Monday night show, Greg Kelly made a rather startling announcement. According to him, there is an audio clip of Joe Biden out there that will ruin him for good – or at the least ruin his chances of winning in 2024.

Now, to be clear, Kelly didn’t play the clip or release it any real way. In fact, the only real thing he said about it is that someone has it, and it will prove Biden’s “corruption” when it is released.

“There is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public.”

He added that he didn’t know exactly when it would be released. It’s not going to be before Labor Day, he said. But sometime between then and Halloween.

And “Once it is heard, Joe Biden will have… only two options.”

Kelly explained that number one would be that he would be unable to “remain a candidate for the presidency for re-election.”

He might be able to serve out the rest of the current time, maybe. But that would be all the grace Biden would be given. However, he could be ousted from the White House much more quickly.

According to Kelly, the tape is very “incriminating.”

He also mentioned that the White House already knows about its existence and is very “worried” about it coming out. He also suggested that there might even be more than one tape in existence, all proving the corruption we have all alleged the Biden crime family to be guilty of.

Who else can’t wait to hear it?