Biden Begins Selling Off Pieces of Border Wall Right Before What?

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We all know Joe Biden refuses to build the rest of Trump’s border wall. So what has he been doing with all those taxpayer-purchased construction materials?

Well, a recent report proves Biden has been secretly selling them off. And all as new legislation may force him to resume construction of the wall soon.

According to The Daily Upside, pieces of what appeared to be a border wall, or at least the materials used to build it, started appearing on GovPlanet, an online marketplace of sorts where government-owned materials and such are bought and sold.

Naturally, the seller (US government) wouldn’t say what the intended purpose for the materials was. But sources familiar with the sales had to admit that they knew these were “border wall materials.” They just couldn’t say that on the site, “or we could lose our jobs.”

If you remember, Trump’s administration acquisitioned all the materials to finish the border wall using Pentagon funds in 2020. But then Biden was supposedly elected, and construction was halted indefinitely.

Since then, the Biden administration has spent a whopping $300 million in taxpayer dollars just storing and guarding the precious materials, according to Senator Roger Wicker.

Well, that was up until April.

During that month, 81 lots of steel parts sitting in the Southwestern sun were auctioned off, per the New York Post. Wednesday found multiple listings for materials like structural tubes for as much as $29,100 apiece.

And come the end of the month, another 13 lots of material are expected to be auctioned off.

Of course, this comes as numerous sources continue to report proposed and passed legislation that could force Biden to resume wall construction before the end of his first term. Should those legislations proceed as planned, Biden will pretty much be forced to buy all that material back, no doubt at higher prices than he sold them for.

And at a time when the government is more financially in the hole than ever before, it won’t be a good look for Joe Biden.