World Chess Federation Gives Trans Bad News / /

It was once believed, and not that long ago, that trans athletes would eventually reshape the world of sports. However, many organizations are realizing the danger of that and putting limitations on trans athletes worldwide.

The International Chess Federation, known as FIDE, is one of the latest to do so.

As Forbes magazine reported, FIDE has recently decided that just because a player identifies as one gender or another does not give them the right to play as such. Specifically, biological men will not be allowed to play in the women’s category unless they can prove themselves to be women.

According to the new policy, FIDE will hold the ultimate discretion on the matter, determining what gender a play can or cannot enter, a process that can take up to two full years.

FIDE will also require “sufficient proof of a gender change that complies with their national laws and regulations.” Furthermore, FIDE wishes to discourage transgender switches by “abolishing” past records after making a switch. However, they have noted that if a player wishes to switch back to their original gender, they may allow such.

According to Fox News, FIDE has said, “Change of gender is a change that has a significant impact on a player’s status and future eligibility to tournaments, therefore it can only be made if there is a relevant proof of the change provided.”

Naturally, the political left is unhappy about the new policy, claiming it is “anti-trans” and anti-feminist even.

Of course, the Federation sees things differently, as a mere 14 percent of chess players are women. Therefore, those few in the category need to be protected, just as women in other sports around the globe.

FIDE is one of a growing number of organizations and governments that see men slowly taking over women’s sports.

If we as a society are to value women and all they can bring to the table, then we can’t allow that to happen. Limits must be made, like it or not.