DA Expected to Bring Dozen or More New Trump-Related Charges

Gary Varvel / Creators.com
Gary Varvel / Creators.com

If you haven’t heard, Trump has some pretty substantial legal woes these days. And now, a fourth indictment is likely to be made.

It comes from Fulton County, Georgia’s liberal District Attorney Fani Willis, who, like New York City’s Alvin Bragg, seems to be doing all she can to bring down Donald Trump.

According to CNN, there is no shortage of signs that Willis is “moving forward with a grand jury presentation where she’s expected to seek charges against more than a dozen people stemming from her investigation into the efforts to overturn the 2020 election.” Those “people” naturally include Trump and his supporters.

One such sign of a coming indictment is that Willis has called former Georgia Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan and independent journalist George Chidi to testify as grand jury witnesses.

Despite being a Republican, Duncan once called Trump’s post-2020 election actions in the Peach State “dangerous and pathetic.” So clearly, he’s no Trump fan.

As for Chidi, while his X (formerly known as Twitter) account says he’s an independent, it doesn’t take more than a few moments of looking at his posts and comments to realize he’s clearly a lefty.

In addition to these two, Willis is also bringing in outspoken abortion supporter and former Georgia state Senator Jen Jordan, who only ran for office because she was “deeply disturbed” by Trump winning the presidency in 2016.

Clearly, Willis is attempting to stack the deck against Trump, which isn’t a hard feat in a grand jury, as grand jurors only ever hear one side of the situation – the prosecution’s case.

It is noted that Willis attempted a hit at Trump once before when she called for a special grand jury to investigate the election aftermath in Georgia following 2020. In fact, Duncan, Chidi, and Jordan all testified then.

But, CNN reports, a special grand jury doesn’t have the power to issue indictments. And so she’s trying again…

However, seeing as Trump already has three indictments against him in as many months, and he’s still leading the polls, I doubt this fourth one will do much to hinder his efforts for 2024.