This is the Kind of Person Joe Biden Is…

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

As President of the United States, you’d think Joe Biden has got to have something going for him, right? I mean, supposedly, more people voted for him in 2020 than any presidential candidate in US history.

But as it turns out, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of reasons to even like the man, let alone vote for him.

Case and point comes to us from Marine veteran Tyler Vargas-Andrews.

Vargas-Andrews was one of those American heroes who didn’t return from Afghanistan in one piece. Thanks to a completely botched withdrawal of our military forces – enacted by Biden – Vargas-Andrews now only has one arm and spent months and months to get mobility back in his other one.

As expected, Biden made his rounds following the withdrawal, visiting the injured while in the hospital. And as Vargas-Andrews explains, the whole experience soured him forever for Biden.

While talking on “The Shawn Ryan Show,” Vargas-Andrews recounted meeting the president in his hospital bed. Naturally, Biden attempted to shake his hand. But with one arm literally gone and the other in a massive cast, the task was nearly impossible.

But instead of noting the situation and moving on, Biden was lost, clearly trying to find a way to shake Vargas-Andrews’ hand. The Marine said that he finally had to tell Biden at one point, “My arm’s gone, like, I don’t have an arm.” Biden responded with an “oh” before awkwardly reaching down to grab the few fingers sticking out of Vargas-Andrews’ cast.

Then things get even worse.

Biden then starts talking, but he’s not offering condolences or asking how the family is doing. Instead, he starts talking about his Beau, who was in the military. And when Vargas-Andrews’ mother said she didn’t care, Biden leaned down to ask the bed-ridden Marine, “What do you want.”

Yes, that’s what he asked, “What do you want?”

Vargas-Andrews asked “what,” too. Naturally, he told POTUS, “I just want to be myself,” to be whole.

Biden said “Oh” again and then went right back to talking about Beau a bit more before finally taking his leave.

So yeah, either Biden is a heartless cod, or he doesn’t have enough wit to do anything more…