Biggest Leprosy Outbreak in 20+ Years as Biden Keeps the Border Wide Open

PradeepGaurs /
PradeepGaurs /

Illegal alien children started spreading drug-resistant tuberculosis in schools across the country early this year. As if one disgusting disease carried across our southern border by foreigners wasn’t enough, the CDC now warns that leprosy is making a big comeback.

The wasting disease that impacts the skin and peripheral nervous system had been largely eliminated from the United States since we used to be a First World country. But now Joe Biden has invited the Third World in, and they’re bringing their gross diseases and cultural practices with them.

The number of leprosy cases in the southeastern US, especially Florida, has more than doubled in the past few years. The CDC says 81% of reported cases in Florida have been in the central part of the state. Florida accounts for 1 out of every 5 leprosy cases in the US. The CDC also warns that the spread of leprosy in Florida cannot be traced through traditional risk factors, meaning that these are not cases where leprosy is spreading from animals to humans. It’s spreading from human to human, and we all know why.

Leprosy peaked in the United States in 1983, but rates then plummeted between that year and the year 2000. It had been almost completely eliminated until just a short while ago, when for some reason, the horrible disease started popping up again. There were 159 cases reported three years ago, with most cases in Florida, Texas, California, Louisiana, Hawaii, and New York. Out of all those states, Hawaii is the only one where leprosy cases are not unusual. The island of Molokai used to be a leper colony, and zoonotic cases (animal-to-human transmission) are still fairly common.

Medical practitioners are required to report leprosy cases within 24 hours in most states, including Florida. That’s one of the best ways for health authorities to try to do contact tracing to figure out where it came from and whether additional people are at risk of catching it.
This news comes just a month after the CDC reported the first human-to-human transmitted cases of malaria in the United States since 2003. While the CDC was very pointed in not saying where that disease was coming from either, it was pretty obvious what they meant. Now that Joe Biden has thrown the southern border open to more than 7 million illegal aliens from impoverished countries, they’re bringing all their sicknesses in with them.

Leprosy had become so rare in the United States—prior to Joe Biden being installed in the White House—that most Americans only recognize it as a word in the Old Testament. The disease is primarily confined to Soros Fellowship recipient Vivek Ramaswamy’s home country of India, which has about 120,000 cases per year. Brazil and Indonesia also have large numbers of cases.

The disease is notorious for being very slow to develop. You can catch leprosy in a foreign country and carry it in your system for up to 20 years before showing symptoms. That’s obviously what’s happening here. Any illegal alien from the Third World who walks across the border today can spread leprosy to heritage Americans, only to develop symptoms in the year 2043. This is just one of the many expensive costs of having open borders.

If you let everyone in without screening or vetting them in any way, you’re going to end up with filthy Third World diseases like leprosy and malaria, not to mention rising housing prices and stagnant wages. You might think that you’re entitled to live in a nice country since you were blessed to be born in America. But you’d be wrong. Joe Biden won’t let America have nice things because he cares more about foreigners than he does about you and your children. Vote accordingly in 2024.