Canadian Trans “Woman” Requests Death Instead of Living With Slight Against God

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A post-op transsexual Canadian now wants “her” government to pay for its mistakes a second time. After already getting her penis inverted into a neo-vagina, Lois Cardinal has been in huge regret. A self-declared “sterilized First Nations post-op transsexual,” has been in chronic pain ever since having the procedure done in 2009.

Since then, she claims to have seen multiple doctors, with no relief. The numbing creams they give her don’t help as she is stuck dilating a persistent open wound. In her argument, suicide was the only way to go. “I’m not getting any better and nor am I experiencing better medical care, or any medical care. It’s so captured by gender ideologies, that they care more about my pronouns.”

By how she describes herself, she is being pushed out of her community because of how being a card-carrying member of the LGBTQ tribe has become a trend. “I do not agree with the current rhetoric of the trans community. A lot of the so-called trans hate is fueled by the trans community because we aren’t allowed to have honest and tough conversations.”

That tough conversation she wants to have? This is becoming more of a trend than a legitimate need, and that poses massive risks. A new study via the University of Florida and Brooks Rehabilitation uncovered that over 4/5 (81%) of people who have had sex change surgery to their genitals in the last five years have been left in consistent pain. It also uncovered that 57% of people discovered that the sexual intercourse they were seeking with this surgery was incredibly painful as well.

As much as the LGBTQ community hates discussing it, this isn’t even a question of how good our medical science is, it’s a question of the limits of human beings. Despite what these misguided individuals think, all that quest will get you is pain and more pain.