DeSantis Falling in the Polls Faster Than the Confederacy

Igor Y Eros /
Igor Y Eros /

While still a good ways off by the calendar, the 2024 Presidential Election is ramping up and the American people are starting to pay closer attention already. Polls to determine which candidates the GOP will support as we get closer to the election are crucial. For many, this can provide a lifeline when their campaign is otherwise failing.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the candidates who is learning that his campaign isn’t playing as well as he expected.

Despite playing up President Trump as an American hero, DeSantis has been quick to turn his back on one of the greatest Americans this country has had in the White House. His push to try and go head-to-head with Trump before the rest of the nation knows him like Floridians know him was a dangerous decision. One that is not playing out well for him.

As new polls from Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina roll in, DeSantis finds himself falling out of favor as the people are continuously voting for Trump. Now he has fallen so far that he is now in third place in South Carolina. In his place is Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC), which makes sense.

Haley is currently running South Carolina and has openly voiced her willingness to support and campaign for Trump if he should get the nomination. Her decision to hitch her wagon to him will likely keep her up in the polls from other states as the election season marches on. While she didn’t make a significant jump in Iowa or New Hampshire, she and others are putting the squeeze on DeSantis there.

Polls this far out might make little sense to those not involved in politics, but their usefulness in putting the right candidate forward to get Biden out of the White House is immeasurable. In 2024, the American people will have a big decision to make, and as conservatives, we owe it to the American people to give them the best possible choice, not the best of what’s left.