Jesse Watters’ Viewership Proves You Can’t Replace Tucker

Paul Pellegrino /
Paul Pellegrino /

I’m sure you are more than aware that Fox News just isn’t what it used to be, particularly since they ousted the beloved Tucker Carlson. Oh, they’ve tried to make up for it, but as recent viewership proves, the damage is done.

If you’re like many Americans, you can’t even barely stand to watch Fox anymore. So you might not have noticed that Tucker officially has a permanent replacement. If you did know that, you were likely pleased to see it turn out to be Jesse Watters, the man who used to hold the time slot right before Carlson.

Watters is great, to be sure. In fact, many, many agree. He’s likely the only individual Fox could even remotely get away with replacing Tucker. I mean, he’s funny, he knows his stuff, and he has the same sort of comical truth-giving vibe that we all loved from his predecessor.

The problem is that he’s Tucker’s replacement. And that still doesn’t sit well with a whole slew of people.

As RadarOnline reported, Watters drew in about 2.4 million viewers on his first official night in the 8 p.m. time slot. Now, compared to almost everyone else in the media, that’s really good. For example, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes only averages about 1.2 million viewers, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper only brought in 668,222 that same night.

So combining those two, Watters is still beating them.

But compared to Tucker, he’s still down about 800,000 viewers. According to RadarOnline, Tucker drew in an average of about 3.2 million on any given night.

Again, this isn’t to shame Jesse Watters. As I said, he’s pretty good, and most people like him. However, they might like him more if he quit Fox on principle for ousting Tucker and making a move that many see as a step leftward.

The problem for most is the network, not Watters. And the viewership ratings show it…