Whoa: Joe Manchin Heads to New Hampshire with Third-Party Group

Yeexin Richelle / shutterstock.com
Yeexin Richelle / shutterstock.com

The Joe Biden meat puppet has done such a terrible job of running the country since January 20, 2021, that everyone on the team knows that a serious third-party candidacy could derail their chances of keeping the “Joe Biden” skinsuit in the White House for another four years.

The Biden team is in full-on panic mode right now because of two different potential third-party challenges in 2024.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) just went to New Hampshire to campaign with the group No Limits, and the Biden White House is pooping the bed right now.

Manchin is expected to speak at a campaign event with No Limits on Monday, July 17, 2021. No Limits is described as a “centrist,” bipartisan and populist party.

This is one of two (maybe three) separate third-party threats to Joe Biden waltzing back into the White House in 2024 for a second disastrous term, which America might not actually survive.

The other threat is from Cornell West, the whack-job professor from Union Theological Seminary. West is seeking the Green Party nomination in 2024.

Team Biden is worried that either one of these threats could siphon off enough votes from the dementia potato to allow President Donald Trump to skate back into the White House for the Vengeance Term™ that he so righteously deserves after the 2020 election was stolen.

Yet another looming threat, of course, is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. If he runs for third party, it could very well spell doom for the communist disintegration of America that the Biden team has planned during their second term.

We’re still six months out from the first votes being cast in the 2024 primaries. The fact that Team Biden is so scared of a potential threat from a third-party candidate should tell us a lot.

They don’t believe that they have enough dead voters on the rolls to steal the 2024 election the same way that they did in 2020. Adjust your voting habits in 2024 accordingly.