CA Public Safety Committee Tells Child Rapists “Move Here!! Bring Your Victims with You!!”

Atjanen Charoensiri /
Atjanen Charoensiri /

Just when you thought California Democrats couldn’t get more insane, the Assembly Public Safety Committee (APSC) comes along.

After passing through the state Senate with unanimous and bi-partisan support, the APSC blocked Senate Bill 14, which had been sponsored by State Sen. Shannon Grove. Had it passed, sex trafficking of a minor would be considered a “serious felony.”

In CA, crimes such as “murder or voluntary manslaughter, mayhem, rape,” and other crimes that can carry the death penalty or life in prison. Had this passed, “human trafficking of a minor” (as written) would have gotten that classification.

With their block, she was “profoundly disappointed that committee Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to support the bill, with their stubborn and misguided objection to any penalty increase regardless of how heinous the crime.”

Per Senator Grove’s page, the bill was strongly supported by Elizabeth Smart, who experienced her kidnapping as a teen, as well as Concerned Women for America and other groups.

Operation Underground Railroad also strongly supported the bill, and their founder Tim Ballard recently launched the massively popular but mainstream media-unsupported film “Sound of Freedom.”

Declining to pass bills like these is a sign that the Hollywood elite is still running the show in California politics. These elite have largely been targeted for their connections to people like Jeffrey Epstein, but again the government and mainstream media have successfully covered that up and tried to act like they don’t exist.

As California continues to welcome the illegals and now the child traffickers, the state is becoming a powder keg ready to burn it all down. Maybe if we get lucky they’ll take some of their immoral and disgusting pedos with them.