Seattle Activists Mobilizing Openly to Destroy MLB All-Star Game

Chamomile_Olya /
Chamomile_Olya /

As the Major League Baseball All-Star game approaches, the city of Seattle is doing the most conservative thing they can think of; telling the homeless to vacate the SODO neighborhood they call home. Located near the T-Mobile Ball Park, the homeless RV residents have been told they need to vacate the area so visitors won’t have to see the truth of the liberal Seattle agenda.

Yet organizers found a loophole; the parking rules lapse the night before the game.

This allows them to negate the city’s efforts to move homeless camps out of the area and move back in. Now activists are passing out fliers encouraging the RV dwellers to return ASAP.

“They’ve been pushing us around for months hoping to clear us out of sight for the MLB All-Star game on July 11. Let’s make sure all their work was for nothing! Just imagine when the tailgaters and rich a$$holes show up for the big game they’re going to find exactly what the city worked too hard to prevent: us!”

Organizers have their protest set to begin on July 10th, where they plan to move back into the areas right at the stroke of midnight. With the All-Star game set to begin at 5 pm, if successful their protest will indeed change the tailgating before the big game and draw some serious attention to their agenda.

Calling themselves “Sweepless In Seattle” the group is said to be comprised entirely of homeless activists. They seem to have no goal other than to keep a place for the homeless to set their stuff available to them. Looking into their past, they seem to have no drive to address the problems that made them homeless, and no agenda to get jobs and improve the group’s lot in life.

Instead, they simply want to keep space for the homeless in the consistently more expensive city available.

This is where you know someone is profiting off this effort. Despite their agenda that points to aggression towards capitalism, they aren’t asking to improve their lot in life. Instead, they just want to stay put.

If that were the case, they would be going to places where staying poor or homeless is more acceptable and normal, like the rural areas of the US. Where it stops being homeless and instead simply becomes camping. They aren’t urinating on a light pole; they are visiting the tree line.

Seattle could always choose to go the other way with this in 2023.

Simply put up gates at the ends of these encampments, and issue passes to the residents. Those without passes pay fares to take guided tours of the homeless. See Fentanyl Freddie and his mindless poetry. Marvel at Strung-Out Sam and his track marks in the shape of constellations. Pay them hourly plus tips. Suddenly they are an experiment in sociology, and it gives back to the homeless and the city. Win-Win.

As much as that’s a great idea, they won’t go that way. The liberal in them will never let them enjoy such a capitalistic concept. Even if it has a nice bit of philosophy and philanthropy to the whole endeavor. Then again, that’s their loss.

Other MLB-heavy teams like Chicago, Atlanta, and LA have been able to embrace theirs, with many being temporarily hired to assist with parking services and other easy but strenuous jobs. Their frequent and prolonged exposure to the elements makes their jobs easier for them.

As painful as this reality might be for those who overlook these areas, that’s where the homeless also tend to take up residence when they take over an area. Seattle’s decision to go Ed Koch on them won’t wear well, and this protest will simply show up the entire liberal agenda.

While the protest in and of itself might not be the “right” thing to do, damn if it isn’t a crush to what’s “left”.