Biden’s Illegal Payment Scandal Triples Overnight

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

You’ve probably heard the rumors that Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t the most honorable of men. But now, it’s estimated that he’s taken payouts nearly tripling what was rumored before.

If you didn’t know, the House Oversight Committee currently has quite the investigation into Biden, his family, and the financial records pertaining to each member. So far, with the investigation only beginning a few months ago, nothing too concrete has been found. But each day provides a slightly clearer picture of the massive hole the Biden family has dug for themselves over the year.

Just last week, an FBI informant testified to the alleged fact that Biden accepted $5 million and another $5 million for his son Hunter Biden if a certain Ukrainian investigator into a company the Biden’s held business connections to was suddenly fired.

And, low and behold, guess who was fired?

But now, House Oversight Committee Chairman and Kentucky lawmakers James Comer says there is growing evidence that Biden could have accepted between $20 million and $30 million in similar bribes and illicit payments.

As I said, nothing concrete has been found to tie Biden to such endeavors, thanks in large part to the FBI’s refusal to cooperate. However, Comer has made it clear that he will not rest until the truth is known and he gets to the bottom of all this.

Naturally, it could end very badly for the Bidens. If something like that was proven or enough evidence came out to support it, even more people would have to begin questioning Biden and his past.

As Fox News host Maria Bartiromo says, it would be very hard for Biden to explain, and eventually, even the biased mainstream media that continually covers the waning president would have to “start asking the real questions.”

Additionally, it is assumed Biden would be impeached and also imprisoned, right along with his not-so-innocent son and who knows who else.

Only time and Comer’s investigation will tell.