Sen Rubio Wants Blood for Blood To Be the Motto of the Next GOP POTUS

Christopher Halloran /
Christopher Halloran /

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared on the Fox News June 13th broadcast of “America Reports,” and he came with a chilling message for the American people.

“You think this ends here? The next Republican president is going to be under tremendous pressure to bring charges and indict Joe Biden, his family, his crackhead son, whoever. The pressure’s going to be extraordinary. They’re going to turn us into — so, we’re decadent and we’re in decline because we thought we could do anything we wanted with our economy, we could send our jobs and factories overseas, break our politics, break our culture, break our society.”

His proclamation isn’t wrong in any sense of the word. The American people who are paying attention can see this for what it is and know exactly where this is taking the nation. While hard-line liberals will proclaim that this is overdue and what President Trump deserves as nobody is above the law, they should be careful.

The glass house that they live in features President Biden chucking some very big rocks. More than enough intel is available on the President and his son committing illegal actions. Yet the American people have been turning a blind eye if they know what happened, or they are blissfully unaware of it due to the mainstream media underreporting it.

Given leadership examples like President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the rest of their nightmarish collection of liberals, it’s no wonder the American people have such horrifically corrupted morals. Their injection of crime and drugs and the erasing of the natural American family have eroded the basis of the American dream.

Shockingly, this is something Senator Rubio takes exception to as well.

“We don’t need parents, we don’t need neighborhood[s], we don’t need family anymore, all these crazy ideas. And now reality’s catching up, and it’s hurting us badly. And today is frankly just a symptom of a much bigger problem…and that is, we no longer live in that world. We need to understand America is being challenged in a way it hasn’t been challenged in 30 or 40 years and we either respond or we are going to live in a world in which the most powerful and stable country in the world is going to be China, a Communist dictatorship, not the United States.”

His fellow conservatives haven’t been afraid to speak up about the liberal agenda destroying the root of the American dream either. Yet, not many have been this willing to speak so directly about it. We need this kind of directional change for the American people.

Without some sort of adjustment, the American dream will become the American nightmare. With the pressure from China on the global stage as well as on the US, they are doing everything they can to be the top dog. As Americans, we cannot allow that to happen.

A change like Rubio is talking about will be incredibly difficult to accomplish. Most of the liberal mainstream media won’t allow the conservatives to get their hooks in and get set. Instead, we will continue to be repressed unless we stand up.

The next GOP POTUS will need to be strong and unflappable. A moral fiber that is above reproach, something Biden gravely lacks. With the same unwillingness to compromise that Biden has brought to the table to destroy the nation from the ground up. If we can get that person in the White House we can right the ship.

As Rubio suggested, it will take someone with some willingness to play the liberal game and run their plays to help level the field. To make up for the years of misuse and abuse they visited upon the US.