Impeachment Articles Are Officially Filed


Another set of impeachment articles has officially been filed against sitting President Joe Biden, as well as his VP, Kamala Harris. They come from Tennessee GOP Representative Andy Ogles.

Biden has two articles filed against him by Ogles. The first alleges that Biden has used his political power and means as a way to “shield business and influence peddling schemes of his family from congressional oversight and public accountability.”

As you know, several investigations are going on in the House of Representatives into Biden’s past actions, not only as a national leader but also in his personal dealings. And yet, when asked, leading federal officials such as FBI Director Christopher Wray and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have refused to hand over information and documents about Biden’s finances and connections.

These documents include reports regarding allegations that Biden has used several shell corporations and limited liability companies to funnel millions of dollars to his family from foreign nationals.

The second article of impeachment is based on Biden’s overall lack of competency regarding the southern border and the crisis it has created. Ogles noted that “the Biden administration is responsible for the 6 highest and 8 of the 10 highest months ever recorded” regarding illegal crossings.

Data from CBP shows that over 1.4 million have entered the US illegally as of April of this fiscal year. Additionally, drug use and overdoses in the US, particularly regarding fentanyl, have all but exploded due to the same open-border policies that let so many illegals in.

And yet, Biden seems oblivious to it all. He has done nothing about it and only insists that his open borders remain that way.

Of course, this is the same reason Ogles drew up impeachment articles against Kamala Harris as well. After all, she was appointed as Biden’s border czar almost immediately. Yet, similarly to her boss, she has done nothing, refusing to even travel to the border to see what’s happening there.

Biden and Harris have failed to live out their oaths to the American people and should pay for it.