Former AOC Aide Now in Charge of the New York State Communist Party

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This probably won’t surprise anyone, but one of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) closest aides is now a senior official in the New York State Communist Party. A lot of things about AOC suddenly make more sense, don’t they? 33-year-old Justine Medina worked for AOC in 2020. The fact that the New York Congresswoman worked so closely with Medina says a lot about her own political beliefs.

Medina worked in AOC’s office between February and November of 2020. The two posed for smiling selfies together. Medina has never hidden her communist proclivities or her arrests. AOC hired her as a policy advisor anyway. For veterans’ issues, if you can believe that.

Medina has never served in the military and loathes it as an American institution. In July of 2021, a few months after she left working for AOC, Medina was promoted to co-chair of the New York Young Communist League. This year, she’s been identified as a member of the Executive Committee of the New York State Communist Party.

In a particularly scary and communist-sounding tweet that she sent in November of 2020, Medina wrote, “It is true the path there will be unkind to those who block progress, but Communism is good and should not scare you.”

“Unkind” is a polite communist euphemism for lining their political opponents up in front of a ditch and putting a bullet in the back of everyone’s head. Commies like this used to be too embarrassed by their political leanings to speak out publicly. Today, they are policy advisors for Members of Congress like AOC and “The Squad.”

Queens Councilman Bob Holden is a Democrat, and he had this to say about AOC and her communist advisor Medina: “It’s frightening. They’re coming out of the woodwork. Communism has failed in so many places that it is mind-boggling that AOC’s constituents keep electing her.”