Leftist Pundit Explains His Solution to Right-Wing Terrorists…

Ted PAGEL / shutterstock.com
Ted PAGEL / shutterstock.com

According to left-winger and disgraced podcaster Keith Olbermann, we are under attack by “right-wing terrorists.”

There’s just one problem with his claim: the man he names as the face of this supposed “white supremacy” movement is undeniably Hispanic.

Olbermann was trying to draw attention to a recent mass shooting that took place in Texas, pointing to the usual left-wing narrative that guns and white supremacy are a massive problem in the United States and that one that needs to be stopped post haste.

But he must have missed one fact in his description of the tragic event. And it led to a rather massive oxymoron.

As he said, “The Texas mall shooter Mauricio Garcia has indisputable neo-Nazi, white supremacist credentials.”

The guy’s name is Mauricio Garcia, and Olbermann thinks he’s a white supremacist?

Now, I haven’t seen a picture of this Garcia character, but I’m willing to bet he doesn’t look much, if anything, like Hitler’s “Aryan race,” you know, blonde hair, blue or green eyes, and fair skin. I could be wrong; like I said, I haven’t seen an image of him.

But his name alone implies that he’s not white. And even if he looks like it, his heritage tells a much different story.

And yet, Olbermann is claiming that this guy is a Nazi-loving, white supremacist intent on committing hate crimes.

Don’t worry; plenty of social media users made sure to point out his error. Of course, Olbermann then resorted to name-calling, as most leftists do when they’re called out and can’t explain themselves or their erred logic.

No wonder Olbermann, a man who used to host shows on ESPN and MSNBC, is now begging people to listen to his measly podcast like the nobody he is.