China’s Way to Deal With Financial Struggles? Punish Those Who Fall Behind on Debt 

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It’s a strategy that Americans may find familiar. Punish people who are struggling financially because they cannot pay their debts, making it harder for them to survive. It was a scenario played out in 2010 when President Barack Obama decided to penalize those who could not afford health insurance with a hefty fine for being […]

Is Abortion Just a State’s Issue?
If you weren’t already aware, abortion has once again become a major issue as we approach another crucial national election cycle. To be clear, it’s always been an issue, and rightfully so. The question now is whether or not abortion rights should be left to the states, as they currently are, or if the federal […]

George Soros Moves to Take Over Another Radio Network before the Election

Billionaire communist George Soros is making a move to take over a second American network of radio stations in time for the 2024 election. In February, Soros easily took control of an ownership stake in Audacy, which runs more than 230 radio stations across the country. Soros has now set his sights on Cumulus, which […]

WATCH: What’s NOT Happening at the Border is the Most Dangerous
There’s a lot happening at the border that should scare you. However, there’s even MORE that’s NOT happening at the border, and that’s what’s really dangerous. Watch now:

Gee, Do You Think? FBI Warns of Possibility of ISIS Attack In America 

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On March 22, 2024, Russia experienced its deadliest terror attack in years as gunmen wearing combat gear unleashed gunfire and explosives in a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow, leaving at least 115 people dead and 145 wounded.  Images depicted Crocus City Hall engulfed in flames, while videos captured the chaos as panicked attendees […]

Trump Targets NPR After Bombshell Report Proving Rabid Liberal Bias 

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Liberals are feeling a bit twitchy following the release of a devastating essay that pulled back the veil of National Public Radio (NPR) and revealed its ugly liberal leanings.   NPR senior business editor Uri Berliner reveals that “NPR lost its way” when it started “telling people how to think” in his essay, “I’ve Been at NPR […]

End Times Prophecy Coming True? Here’s What a Bible Expert Says

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With so much craziness and destruction happening in the world, many have come to believe we are about to face the “End Times” the Bible speaks of. But what role, if any, would the United States play in that? Well, according to the books of Revelation, Daniel, Matthew, and a few others, biblical scholars and […]

Trump Finds His Middle Ground on Abortion 

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The nation waited impatiently for former President Donald Trump to weigh in on the topic of abortion. When he finally did earlier this week, there was a feeling of letdown. Trump, being Trump, chose a middle ground that did not expressly state his stance on the procedure itself or clarify at what point, if any, […]

Is Hoodie-Wearing John Fetterman The Next Joe Manchin or Kirsten Sinema? 

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Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman (D) is not living up to his end of the bargain. When he was installed as Pennsylvania’s latest liberal loudmouth in 2022, the left rejoiced. Now, he has become anything but predictable, something that Democrats cannot condone in their carefully orchestrated plot to destroy America.  The outspoken Fetterman has drawn criticism […]

What’s REALLY Going on with Kate Middleton?

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The #KateGate conspiracy theories have been spiraling. Weigh in with our quick poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Uber and Lyft Pull Out of Minneapolis Rather Than Increase Drivers’ Base Wages

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While the base salary isn’t much, ride-share drivers can earn a sizeable chunk of side change. But last month, the Minneapolis City Council ripped the money-making opportunity from ride-share drivers when it enacted an ordinance requiring ride-hailing companies to pay a minimum rate of $1.40 per mile and $0.51 per minute, or a minimum of […]

Michigan Incentivizes Landlords to Rent to Illegal Aliens Instead of Americans

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) is incentivizing landlords to rent properties to illegal aliens over low-income Americans. Just when you thought the Democrat Party’s insults against heritage Americans couldn’t get any worse. Whitmer is paying landlords a monthly stipend in taxpayer funds for every illegal alien they rent to, in hopes of luring even more […]

Denver Official Caught on Tape Begging Illegal Aliens to Leave the City
An official from Denver Mayor Mike Johnson’s office has been caught on tape begging illegal aliens to go to any other sanctuary city—just not Denver. Political director Andres Carrera tells the invaders that they will receive better welfare benefits if they keep moving and go to Chicago or New York. Uh oh! Do the Democrat […]

Is the US House Finally Tightening the Purse Strings? Ukraine’s Aid May Come with Strings Attached

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As the nearly $100 billion Senate-approved national security bill hits a wall in the House, lawmakers are scrambling for workarounds. The latest genius idea making the rounds is to dress up Ukraine’s next pile of cash as a “waivable loan” instead of just giving it away. Because, you know, calling it a loan might sprinkle […]

TN Senate Passes Landmark Bill Prohibiting Vaccines in the Food Supply

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The globalists hoping to murder billions of human beings to save the weather were infuriated when more than one-third of Americans refused to take their toxic COVID-19 mRNA shots. Why can’t you Americans be good little sheep?! Now, those same globalists are funding experiments to inject the same mRNA gene serum into the food supply. […]