Great Shot: 72-Year-Old Florida Man Manages to Hit a Walmart Delivery Drone

Aleksei Kochev /

An elderly Florida man has been arrested after police say he successfully managed to shoot a Walmart delivery drone. Despite being nearly as old as Joe Biden, 72-year-old Dennis Winn still has all his faculties about him. Police say he shot the Walmart drone because he thought it was spying on him.

Walmart was actually making mock deliveries in Winn’s neighborhood to practice with the drone when police say the incident happened. The drone made several passes by his house and Winn was convinced that whoever was controlling it was watching him.

That’s when police say Winn opened fire and shot the flying robot. The good news is that he managed to hit the moving target at age 72, causing approximately $2,500 in damage to the drone. Police say he only fired one shot with a 9mm pistol. The bad news is that he was in a residential neighborhood, so the cops paid him a visit.

Mr. Winn has been charged with shooting at an aircraft, which seems like kind of a bogus charge. It’s not as if the drone was an airplane with a pilot or passengers on board. In fact, drones are designed to eliminate human jobs entirely when you think about it. Police also charged Winn with criminal mischief and firing a gun on residential property.

Winn’s expert marksmanship was able to knock the drone out of the sky with just one shot, but then the pesky machine managed to take off again and limp back to its home base at the store. The irony of the situation is that Walmart’s drones are equipped with cameras looking in every direction. Winn was probably right—the drone was watching him.