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Idaho Liberals Punish HS Senior for Speaking the Truth About Gender

18-year-old Travis Lohr took advantage of a golden opportunity his school presented to him and other outgoing Seniors. The task? Give advice to the...
Gabriel Gurzo /

Amazon Caught Spying, FTC Issues Massive Fine

We've long suspected that Amazon has been spying on us. From their Alexa home products to their acquisition of Ring doorbells, they can collect...
Pamela Au /

Border Patrol Chief Stepping Down After Biden’s Policies Made Him Useless

After over 30 years of loyal service to the US Border Patrol, Chief Raul Ortiz is ready to step away from the service as...
Popel Arseniy /

Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” Reboot to Be Record Flop

If you haven’t heard, Disney is doing another remake of a classic. The “The Little Mermaid” reboot is set to be debuted in China...
ADragan /

The Horrifying Truth of Gender-Affirming Care is Displayed by This Study

They say that transgender “affirming care,” or the whole process of transitioning to another gender, is all about mental health, making one feel more...
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MSM in Full Melt Down After Tucker’s Big Announcement   

Been wondering what's in store next for former Fox News host Tucker Carlson? Well, he's finally made a decision – and it's rocking the...

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