Liberals Are Programing AI To Replace You

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Despite decades of warning us, the artificial intelligence (AI) that is powering modern robotics is being programmed to replace people according to the International Monetary Fund. According to a January 14th blog from Kristalina Georgieva, she outlines how much the new landscape of business is being defined by AI and just how much the liberals want to replace you with AI.

“In a new analysis, IMF staff examine the potential impact of AI on the global labor market… The findings are striking: almost 40 percent of global employment is exposed to AI. Historically, automation and information technology have tended to affect routine tasks, but one of the things that sets AI apart is its ability to impact high-skilled jobs. As a result, advanced economies face greater risks from AI—but also more opportunities to leverage its benefits—compared with emerging market and developing economies.”

Sadly that is not the worst of her findings, either.

“In advanced economies, about 60 percent of jobs may be impacted by AI. Roughly half the exposed jobs may benefit from AI integration, enhancing productivity. For the other half, AI applications may execute key tasks currently performed by humans, which could lower labor demand, leading to lower wages and reduced hiring. In the most extreme cases, some of these jobs may disappear. In emerging markets and low-income countries, by contrast, AI exposure is expected to be 40 percent and 26 percent, respectively. These findings suggest emerging market and developing economies face fewer immediate disruptions from AI.”

As the US is certainly an advanced economy, this means more than half of our workforce is eligible to have their jobs taken away due to AI. That means countries that are already having massive problems with poverty will only see their situation get progressively worse. Here in the US, that complicates things inside the blue-collar sections of the US. With so much of the precision work being streamlined and simplified through basic AI programming and robotics, it only eliminates more human positions.

Many people are likening AI to the invention of the steam engine. While many Americans were scared at the potential for the loss of employment opportunities in rural areas, they ultimately resulted in opportunities. The problem is that the steam engine was able to encourage and even imply new jobs would be coming, and they would be replacing the unskilled positions that the steam engine had eliminated.

One of the biggest factors about AI is where they focus the implementation of it. As Georgieva suggests, the more they focus on using this to augment high-income roles, the deeper the income gap is likely to become. For the liberals, this is a dream come true. It provides fewer options for the people and, in turn, makes them more reliant on government subsidies and programs to survive.

Despite arguments to the contrary, AI is proving to be the bane of existence for capitalism. It takes away much of the programs that encourage people to work and instead invoke the idea that we should be suffering more so everyone below the leadership goes through the same life, aka socialism. This has been the long-term plan for Biden and the liberals, and with AI leading the way to make this happen, if it all fails, they have a built-in scapegoat.

Moving towards more automation and deeper reliance on AI, the plan has always been to use robotics and other enticingly lazy inventions under the guise of being efficient. This wipeout of American labor is being dressed up with some lipstick thrown on it to make it look more appealing to the American consumer.

Never mind what the mainstream media is trying to sell you, all of this AI, automation, “green,” and “smart” technology is all just a way to destroy our economy. It doesn’t help solve the problem. It simply creates new ones that “experts” claim we won’t need to worry about for decades or simply works to destroy our nation from the inside out.