Thousands of Africans Fly to Central America to Exploit Our Open Borders

Kitreel /
Kitreel /

As you know, America’s borders, particularly our southern one with Mexico, are in chaos. But don’t just assume it’s South Americans making their way into the US illegally.

As reports prove, even Africans are entering en masse.

We’ve all heard, for years and years, about the tragicness of living just about anywhere else in the world. Sure, the political left likes to boast of how the US is broken and in need of major reform, which is true.

But for literally millions of people, what America offers is still far, far better than where they come from.

And so, every year, hundreds of thousands travel to the US in an attempt to make a better life for themselves. Fortunately, up until more recent years, there have been laws and policies in place that prevent a good many from getting in, at least illegally.

For decades, those caught illegally have been detained and deported, and the security measures at our borders were sufficient enough to handle most who came through.

However, as you know, everything is different under Democratic President Joe Biden.

If you remember, during his 2020 campaign, he boasted that he would essentially undo all that Trump and every other US president had done to secure our borders. The wall would no longer be built, policies would expire and not be replaced, and the gates would be opened wide.

In fact, Biden even offered a literal invitation for all migrants from all countries, all walks of life, etc., to come to the US for a chance at getting handouts from Biden.

And as you know by now, millions did just that.

We now have more illegal crossings in just a month than we used to have in an entire quarter.

And according to new reports, those making their way here aren’t from the more obvious and relatively close nations of South and Central America.

Instead, they are coming from all over.

As The New York Times recently wrote, a total of 13,406 Africans made their way to the US in 2022. In 2023, that number rose to a whopping 58,462. Among the top nations where most came from are Angola, Guinea, Mauritania, and Senegal.

Now, not all of this is simply due to Biden’s invitation.

As you know, turmoil has laid many African countries to waste for as long as most of us can remember, leading many to seek safer, greener pastures elsewhere. Elsewhere has historically been European countries, as they are geographically closer.

However, as in the US, many of these European nations are being overwhelmed by migrants. And so many are choosing to now limit immigration. As the Times reports, this has made the typical migration routes from Africa harder to travel.

And so they are choosing to come to the US instead, seeing as we now have open borders.

As one such migrant from Sudan told The Times, “Entry to Europe is difficult.” Another said, “Getting into the United States is certain compared to European countries, and so I came.”

Migration expert Camille Le Coz confirmed this to the Times. “You have countries that are less and less welcoming. When new routes open up, people are going to migrate because economic opportunities at home are insufficient.”

And that’s exactly what has happened for the US.

Additionally, record numbers of migrants from China, India, and South America have been met at the border. Usually, they fly into Central American nations like Nicaragua, joining the millions already on their way here.

No longer are our borders closed. Proving this is the fact that a whopping 2.5 million migrants crossed into the US in fiscal year 2023. And that’s just the ones we know about or who where caught. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands more made it without being detected.

And Biden’s administration doesn’t care one whit.

Now, the conservative-led House of Representatives is trying to change a number of immigration policies, including ones that would limit asylum applications, deport more individuals, and allow local state law enforcement to handle certain immigration issues.

However, given that the Senate is Democratically led, there’s little chance of anything like that going through any time soon.

We can only hope that Biden will be replaced with someone willing to actually do something at the border this year. And that Congress will back their plays for a safer and more secure nation.