Biden Sweating as Pennsylvania Voters Are Flipping From Blue to Red 

Melnikov Dmitriy /
Melnikov Dmitriy /

After electing a brain-dead senator to Congress, it seems Pennsylvania is drawing the line at electing an even more brain-dead president to the White House. It’s a defection of epic proportions that the media won’t discuss. And it’s not a poll; it’s hard facts from registration tolls in the Keystone State. Democrats are fleeing their party in epic numbers and switching to the Republican side. 

Read it and weep, Biden. As of December 18, 2023, the Pennsylvania Department of State’s freshest voter registration showed that 35,589 Democrats shifted to the Republican side, far outnumbering the 15,622 Republicans swapping red for blue.  

Notably, 20,908 former Democrats and 18,927 past Republicans now stand unaligned with any party. This means there are nearly 40,000 voters who are up for grabs. 

It’s an alarming trend for Democrats. President Joe Biden only won Pennsylvania by around 80,000 votes in 2020., Westmoreland, Bucks, and Allegheny counties, which were the areas that pulled Biden across the finish line in the state, are abandoning Biden in droves. Pittsburgh, the urban center of Allegheny County, saw almost 4000 Democrats leaping party lines. Over a thousand voters in Bucks County and nearly 1200 voters in Westmoreland County made the switch. 

It’s no secret that Biden has been courting Pennsylvania voters more than any other state. The Democratic National Committee has been throwing money at the state almost as much as Biden throws money out the window. In 2022, the DNC increased its financial support for Pennsylvania significantly compared to the 2018 cycle. As of the 2024 cycle, they’ve already invested over $100,000 in the state, marking a 25 percent increase from the same point in the 2020 cycle. 

Pennsylvania matters. The state holds 20 Electoral College votes, making it the fifth most crucial in presidential elections. From 1932 to 1988, only twice did a candidate win the White House without winning Pennsylvania. No Democrat has become president since 1948 without securing support from the state. 

Top Democrat advisors are clinging to their 2022 victories as conservatives cling to their guns and their religion. Emphasizing various Pennsylvania wins in recent elections, the DNC expressed confidence in their ability to win in 2024.  

Indeed, Democrats can look back on their victories over the past two years with a sense of confidence. Last month, Daniel McCaffery secured a victory in the state Supreme Court, solidifying a 5-2 majority on the bench. In February, Democrats won the state’s special election, gaining control of the Pennsylvania House. The party is still riding high on the 2022 midterms when they elected two Democrats to the U.S. Senate for the first time in seven decades. Josh Shapiro clinched the governorship, winning by nearly 15 points over his Republican challenger. 

They also take heart in the copious amounts of cash they have dumped into the state. “The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has had a sweeping victory for Democrats in the 2023 election cycle,” a DNC spokesperson said. “The PA Dems have invested significantly in the party structure, providing unprecedented resources at every level.” 

Concerned Democrats, however, can look at polling in Pennsylvania as they pop anti-anxiety medications by the fistful. 

The Commonwealth Foundation conducted a December poll that found Pennsylvania has lost confidence in the bumbling leadership of Biden. His end-of-the-year numbers cap off a particularly dismal year of underwater approval ratings in the state. His disapproval rating peaked at 61 percent, the highest state-wide disapproval rating recorded by the Foundation this year. Despite maintaining a notably higher approval among Democrats at 72 percent (compared to 9 percent among Republicans), it falls short of the national average. According to a recent Gallup survey, Biden holds a 78 percent approval rating among Democrats nationwide. 

Biden fans should be alarmed at the Foundation’s findings in a Trump-Biden head-to-head matchup. Only about one-third of registered voters in Pennsylvania plan to vote for Biden in 2024. Forty-six percent of participants said they wouldn’t support him in the general election, including 15 percent of Democrats.  

There is a concern that Pennsylvania Democrats are heeding advice from Biden officials, who suggested that “cross-voting” may throw a cog in the Trump machine. Cross-voting involves switching affiliations to vote in the opposing primary to divide the vote. But the odds of nearly 36,000 voters taking the time and effort to “cross-vote” are almost as low as Biden remembering where he is during a speech. 

The defection of Pennsylvania Democrats indicates a nationwide refusal to back Biden or the progressive policies that have hurt many Americans. Without Pennsylvania, Biden’s only clear path to victory is cheating. 

But we all know the Democrats would never stoop that low.